How Much Is An Original Eames Chair Worth?

If you have ever peeked into an interior magazine or Pinterest board, the chances of you coming across the tales of an Eames chair asking yourself, “how much is an original Eames chair worth” is pretty high. Interior design has become a big part of our lives, it reflects our preferences and portrays us in a way that any other piece of art does. With such a deep display, many find themselves wondering how their favorite artist or actor may be living. That is why interior videos on YouTube do so well.

Seeing how Eames furniture has now even become collector’s items, some wonder why. What is so special about an Eames chair that they are worth so much? Is it the production cost? The expertise? The unique designs or the durability? Well, we are hoping you can find yourself some answers after reading this written piece.

How Much is an Original Eames Chair Worth And Why?

An original Eames chair can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars so the question here is why and is Eames chair worth it? Unless you are an interior enthusiast, an Eames chair would not mean much to you other than an everyday furniture item. Looking into the production and the attention to detail, yes, each piece is thought out and caters to various needs.

If you read the history of Eames chairs, you will know that the trend back then was the simple and minimal looking chair. The Eames made a bold step when their first furniture to be produced was the infamous Eames lounge replica chair. Their priority was to give the people what they need, something missing in the market.

With the vast difference in fashion, it was a risk that however paid off. The comfort from the chair was unlike any other during that time, consisting of molded plywood. It quickly became the desired item to relax in. The Eames were also the ones to create the improved H-shaped base to build a more stable chair.

Now the topic of generation difference also comes into play. What we have nowadays is known as “fast fashion”, which refers to the affordable items made in an inexpensive procedure and thrown out just as fast. You can find more about this in detail via a quick search, there is even a TED talk on this matter.

The age of Eames believed in durability and sustainable use of anything they purchased, with good materials and staff expertise came high prices. Hence, comparing the value of the original Eames chair to our fast fashion brands is no good.

The availability of replica chairs, the dining Eames chair replica for example, also made the authentic Eames take their stand on quality and price. Which we will discuss more on in the next section.

Replica Eames

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. After the Eames chairs took off, there became a huge market where you could find replica Eames chairs at a fraction of the original Eames chair prices. This, although an alternative for people who did not want to spend much on their furniture, provided nowhere near the quality and durability of what the original did.

You must consider that the staff in the Eames office have been practicing their methods since the very first production in 1956. They have been guided by and received pointers from the creators of Eames, Charles, and Ray, in flesh. It is also said that some production methods remain the same today. So, imagine competing with that.

That being said, we cannot boldly state that an Eames replica chair is necessarily bad. You can find lists of Eames chair replicas where the reviews are quite positive and the customer is happy. If you are longing for an Eames design to reside in your home and find it hard to buy an original Eames with your budget, who are we to stop you? Being happy matters more than what we or anyone else thinks.

You see, the debate is strong and can go on for a long while. It varies from person to person when you ask if they would prefer a used Eames lounge chair or an Eames lounge chair replica. Some say it is just furniture so if you can get it at a fraction of the price, why not? Others argue that the difference in quality and durability is vast even if used, why bother purchasing a replica that will break in a matter of time.

How Do I Identify an Original Eames Chair?

Although the original Eames furniture is surrounded by a sea of replicas, as you have read previously, some specific things can point you to an authentic Eames chair. So here is a small list to help you differentiate.

Eames Chair Original VS Replica:


This might seem a little obvious to a few, but some do not know that original Eames furniture should come with Eames chair labels. Even the first chairs to be released in the beginning are said to have labels. So, when you are purchasing an Eames for the price of an original, there is no reason for it to not have one. Only in the case of the Eames fiberglass shell chairs, you will see the Eames stamps instead of labels.

Base and Legs:

This is a small difference but sure comes in handy when you are trying to spot a fake. The original Eames chair legs are said to have a slight angle instead of lying completely flat and do not go up abruptly either. You can also count the number of legs as the fakes usually mess up in this area. The original Eames lounge chair should have 5 legs, with 4 on the ottoman.


You can find the correct measurements for any specific chair online. The Eames lounge chair, for example, is 31.50 inches in height. You can keep the original measurement in mind and take a tape measure to double-check your new chair and see if they match.

Reclining Angle:

For the Eames lounge chair, to put it simply, if it reclines it is a fake. The original is made to have a small angle of tilt all the time to distribute the body weight in a comfortable manner. So, any amount of flexible recline on an Eames lounge chair should be a clear indication of imitation.


The Eames chairs are known for their killer finish. So, any exposed screws are a good thing to look out for in a counterfeit. Exposed screws are also the result of unofficial or improper repairing.


Will I be able to spot an Eames Lounge Chair Replica?

The written piece covers how you can spot an Eames chair in general. However, you can follow those same tips in case of a suspicious-looking Eames lounge chair. Check the number of legs, the angles of the legs, the height of the chair, and whether it reclines or not.

Final Verdict

We hope that answers your question of “how much is an original Eames chair worth. The question of “are Eames chairs worth it” is a personal preference though. As mentioned before in the written piece, some find that the advantages of an original Eames chair have a lot of weight when compared to the cheaper fakes while others do not agree.