7 Best Chair Mat For Vinyl Plank Floor of 2022

If you’ve just installed new vinyl flooring in your home office and are using a rolling desk chair, you need a chair mat. This is because, over time, a rolling chair will cause scratches and dents on the floor due to friction wear. Placing a mat under the office chair on a vinyl floor is the best option for choosing the rolling chair with rubber wheels.

This is because the friction between rubber and vinyl causes a reaction between the chemicals used to make vinyl and rubber panels, causing discoloration and a sticky residue. However, when purchasing the best chair mat for vinyl plank floor, you need to be very careful. Because some chair mat materials, like rubber or latex, can cause discoloration.

Glass mats have a sleek and modern look. Because they are heavier, they hold up better than plastic alternatives. Additionally, plastic chair mats are notorious for slipping and damaging the floor. Glass mats for chairs also have a long lifespan, making them a more environmentally friendly option than plastic mats.

We’ve made your search even more manageable, and we’ve revised a safe and functional vinyl floor mat for you. Read on to choose the one you like the most.

How To Choose The Best Chair Mat For Vinyl Plank Floor?

Patterns, colors, materials, and sizes vary from the different mat. Not all chair mats are functional for all types of flooring.

There are specific types of mats and other types of hardwood floors. Therefore, understanding the variation in chair mats is essential to purchasing the perfect mat in terms of flooring, room size, and table and chair space.


Choose a mat that is the right size for your workspace. Do not overload the mat with other furniture and items. Also, try to choose the size of the mat according to the space of the room and the area around the table so that you don’t end up with something too big or too small.


Choose the correct shape of the chair mat that matches the surroundings and decor. For example, around, a square mat might fit in a rounded bay window or a large round conference table, while a square mat might look more comfortable in a room with a simple work table.


Select the chair mat design and color according to the floor type and working environment, with transparent mats being the most recommended and popular option right now.


Buy mats that promise an excellent grip to keep you on the ground. The handle will make the chair more comfortable and stable because the mat will not move.


Make sure the material is environmentally friendly and doesn’t smell bad. Organic rugs are also considered good for your health.


The mat should be constructed with materials that do not have harmful effects on health and, at the same time, are more resistant and durable. It should not leave an unpleasant odor and should not curl or discolor over time.

An Overview Of The Best Chair Mat For Vinyl Plank Floor

A chair mat without rubber or latex is generally safe to use on vinyl slatted floors, and the padding should be non-slip to keep it firmly attached to the floor.

1.MuArts Crystal Chair Mat (Upgraded Version)

Parquet floors are as beautiful as they are expensive. Why risk scratching them when a simple office chair mat can keep them in pristine condition? This mat will work in any environment as it can withstand a pressure of over 1000 pounds.

This is a sturdy mat, suitable for parquet and other floors; it also works on carpets. Another advantage is the integrated acrylic. It is known for its durability and gives the mat a clear and crystalline appearance.

This mat is designed for use on hardwood and is 1/5 inch thick. We like it to be clear so you can always see your floors when you use them.

In total, the mat weighs around 3.5 kilograms, which means it is sturdy enough that it does not slip under the chair. It measures 35 x 47 inches but is also available in a variety of other sizes.

If you’re looking for a durable, residue-free chair mat, you can still see its beautiful vinyl floor underneath. Then it would be preferable if you chose this solid and transparent chair mat that imitates real glass.


Size and thickness – It is thick and heavy compared to mats of the same size. It measures 47 x 35 inches by 0.2 inches (length, width, and thickness).

Suitable for hard floors and carpets – The mat is completely flat, cannot be folded, and will not twist. It works great on any surface and is as heavy as a glass chair mat.

Super cute – This chair mat is transparent, allowing you to continue to admire its beautiful vinyl floors. And it harmonizes perfectly with the decor of any room, thanks to its neutral color.

Robust and durable – The material used can withstand 1200lbs of pressure and is very durable. The thickness also makes it very hard.

It was worth every penny – The seat mat is worth every penny and is guaranteed for one year. You want to buy a product whose manufacturer is assured enough to cover you.


  • The mat has a year refundable warranty.
  • It has a dual purpose; it is suitable for hard floors as well as carpets.
  • Offers good value for money
  • Remains in excellent condition after prolonged use.


  • Delivered damaged in some boxes
  • It is slippery on certain types of floors.

2. Anji Mountain Rug’d Collection Chair Mat For Hard Surfaces

Add a mix of personality to your desk by keeping the hard floor or short-strand rug in crisp shape with the Anji Mountain Chair mat.

Available in over 20 different carpet designs, this 0.25-inch hardwood floor mat built for hardwood floors is solid enough to secure your hardwood floors and adds a touch of style to any home office or living room. This mat’s rubber toes and the non-slip liner will keep it in place as you ride, and it’s soft enough to rest your feet comfortably while you work.

When it comes to office design, people want their aesthetic sense to be respected. The Anji Mountain Rug’d Chair Mat offers a bold and innovative approach to an otherwise obnoxious category that is stylish and functional. As a result, it not only lowers its head in favor of good taste but also highlights its superior design, which will make it stand out from its peers at work or home.

The 100% polyester jacquard fabric surface allows the chair wheels to turn quickly and effortlessly. The chair mat has a non-slip felt back with rubber stitches that hold the mat in place, whether on carpet, hard floors, or other types of flooring. Three-layer construction makes this chair mat solid and durable.

Also, the chair mat does not contain harmful chemicals, including phthalates. This Anji mountain chair comes in two thicknesses: 0.25 inches for hard floors and commercial rugs and 0.5 inches for other surfaces, including lush carpets.


Innovative combination – a unique creation that combines the natural style of a woven jacquard rug with the performance of an office chair mat.

Durable – tested to withstand heavy use while retaining color and finish. This unique blend of polyester yarn is robust and built to last.

Easy Operation – The seat wheels roll effortlessly and smoothly across the surface of the tightly woven polyester mat.

Outstanding Performance – Durable, phthalate-free PVC mid-layer provides robust and long-lasting support.

Stays in Place – Non-slip felt backing features unmarked rubber stains and helps hold the mat on any floor, including hard surfaces and rugs.

Easy to handle – The simple two-level design makes moving or shipping the mat easy.

Multi-Surface Use – This item is ideal for use on any hard surface (wood, tile, laminate, concrete, etc.) and short-grain commercial carpet.


  • Attractive design and textures.
  • Available in many styles.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to handle and slide.
  • It can be used on hard surfaces and carpets
  • Construction on three levels.
  • Superior support and durability.
  • Available in two thicknesses.


  • Not available in other sizes.
  • Limited in styles.

3. Amazon Basics Polycarbonate Heavy Duty Chair Mat

If you’re looking for a thick carpet cover, you can’t go wrong with the Polycarbonate Office Chair Mat from AmazonBasics.

Made of non-toxic polycarbonate, this recyclable product has everything you need to protect your vinyl floor with extensive gardens, providing a safe working environment. Of course, this, therefore, works for all types of furniture. Plus, it’s tough enough to last for years, even resisting up to 500 pounds.

The matte surface of the AmazonBasics chair mat is smooth to ensure the smoothness of the chair’s wheels. The lower part is equipped with clamps that allow it to stand firmly on a thick carpet. The tweezers combined with the stiff material prevent the rug from wrinkling, a feat that has delighted many buyers.

Notwithstanding, there are a few points to note when using this AmazonBasics mat. For starters, be careful when unpacking, as buyers say it “explodes” when opened. What you want to do is ask someone else for help to explain it to you gradually. The tweezers are also sharp.

Overall, these drawbacks are some of the things that make this product stand out. So if you need a long-lasting lipped mat for a hard floor, AmazonBasics is the way to go.


Durable polycarbonate bumpers – It provides a tough, impact-resistant, and flat surface for easy gliding.

Durable, suitable for up to 500lbs – Ideal for high and big chair users. It provides excellent clear protection around computer desk and workstation floor surfaces from damage from wheelchairs or casters. Easy to clean, no chemicals required for best results.

Incredibly strong and resistant for long-lasting protection – Unlike other plastics such as vinyl, these durable rugs are flat and will stay utterly flat during use.

The shape and weight of the mat ensure maximum stability on all carpeted or hard floors – Lightly textured top surface for controlled movement of the seat. Free from phthalates, tin, lead, and cadmium for maximum peace of mind.


  • It comes with high-quality polycarbonate material and is available in various sizes.
  • Provides smooth, textured surfaces on both sides, and the textured side helps hold the seat wheels.
  • Easy to clean.


  • It is slippery and must be readjusted a few days after use.
  • It comes with serrated edges, which can be dangerous for the user.

4. OFM Essential Collection Chair Mat With Lip For Hard Surfaces

This mat is made of PVC with a textured surface for easy rolling of the chair. The dimensions are 36 x 48 inches, with a total depth of 0.25 inches. Molded nails hold the mat in place on the floor, and the sturdy construction ensures it won’t crack even after years of use.

This is the most important recommendation. It tops the list for excellent quality features.

It comes with molded pins and has a sturdy construction. The computer mat does not disappoint and will stay where you want it to be. It is also very durable and easy to roll. You would love that these chair mats don’t slip when you use them. The ergonomic design makes it the best quality product. Choose this if you want the best.

It stands out as the best on the market for its fantastic design. This office chair mat for the hardwood floor is durable. The ergonomic design makes it straightforward to use. This set of office chair mats for wooden floors is recommended for those looking for the best.


Durable Wood Protection – This thick and durable plastic table mat will not shatter or crack while protecting your office floor from damage to the seat wheels.

Easy, Non-Slip Roller – Wear-resistant PVC mat allows you to move your office chair without slipping quickly

Promotes Ergonomics – This home office mat promotes ergonomic posture, allowing you to move between activities

Transparent Chair Mat – The rigid transparent rectangular mat allows the natural beauty of your floor to shine.

OFM- It offers superior floor protection at an affordable price.


  • It is straightforward to roll on
  • Ergonomic design and easy to use
  • Durable chair mat
  • Affordable office mats


  • Too soft

5. Gorilla Grip Polycarbonate Won’t Crack Chair Mat

This Gorilla Grip Premium Chair Mat comes from a trusted brand; its discreet design is not an eye like other chair mat options. It has a complex and resistant surface and is available in 2 different sizes. This product is one of the best options when considering its value and useful lifespan.


100% Polycarbonate – The hardwood chair mat is made in Europe from 100% polycarbonate material; the mat has a resistant surface that does not bend or roll up over time; the Chairs wheel glides easily on carpets, a durable and robust surface without scratching, leaving dents or sinking.

Extra Durable – This hard mat is made with durable materials, designed to last for years; Feel secure knowing that your mat is designed to resist scratches, breaking, or ripping.

Non-slip backing – the chair mat seat mat has an anti-slip layer that helps it stay in place on the floor; Before using the mat, test your foot to ensure it is secure and not moving.

Transparent Design – The rug’s simple design means it doesn’t have to cover your beautiful floors, allowing it to look great throughout your home or office.

Perfect size: the mat measures 36″x 48″


  • Robust and durable construction, resistant to scratches.
  • The mat is quite thick, with a polycarbonate frame and low flexibility.
  • Made of transparent material so that the user can enjoy the beauty of their floor.


  • It comes with an adhesive that is difficult to remove.
  • Slides when placed on a flat, dense, short-fiber carpet.

6. Premium Heavy Duty .25” Thick Tempered Glass Chair Mat

If you’re looking for an upgrade to a polycarbonate (aka plastic) mat and want something sheer, soft, and durable, check out this premium tempered mat available on Amazon.

This rug measures 36″long x 46″ wide, giving it a standard size and rectangular shape that will suit many office environments. Like most products on this list, this mat also supports up to 1,000 pounds, with the added durability and softness benefits of a hardened scratch-resistant surface.

However, you don’t have all the options to choose different shapes, sizes, or clarity levels, among many other options. But if you want a rectangular glass mat with a lot of happy customers, and you’ve already confirmed that the 36 x 46 size provides enough space for your chair, this is a great option.


Product Measures – 36″ long x 46″ wide x 0.25″ thick – rectangle – toughened glass – clear – 1 each

Works On Any Floor – Our premium glass mat works on all types of floors, including carpets, wood, tiles, and rugs. You don’t have to fret over where this chair mat might end because hard surfaces, rugs, and solid rugs cannot compete with the mat.

Heavy-Duty Glass – The glass chair mats have 36″ long x 46″ wide x ¼ inch thick safety glass that can support over 1000 pounds and is wear-resistant. Don’t settle for a thinner, cheaper alternative when you can have a durable mat!

Anti-scratch – All glass mats are covered with an anti-scratch coating that resists scratches. The scratch-resistant material guarantees long-lasting sleekness. The glass chair mats will continue to be attractive after years of everyday use.

Unlimited Lifetime Warranty – Each purchase comes with a non-transferable lifetime warranty. The warranty covers all transport damage, faults, or design flaws that could break it on level ground.


  • Sleek and smooth appearance
  • Easy and inexpensive modernization of plastic chair mats
  • Works on carpet, wood, marble, tile, and virtually any other floor surface


  • Comes only rectangular in one size (36 x 48 inches)
  • Lacks the quality assurance, warranty, and customization options you get from other companies.

7. Glass Chair Mat With Exclusive Beveled Edge By Clearly Innovative

Industry-leading manufacturer Clearly Innovative is always committed to providing high-quality home and office products at a reasonable price. This wooden chair mat is also an example of their engagement, allowing the chair to turn smoothly.

An Amazonian choice! Clearly innovative designs of glass chair mats are among the most popular and famous options available. What differentiates them is the emphasis on durability and innovation – a robust and durable composition is standard, with support up to 1,000 kilograms and strong protection against damage and scratches. Plus, these mats are the only patented mats with a 1-inch beveled edge that provide superior mat-to-floor gliding.

Clearly Innovative is thinking about production at best, as all of their mats are made of fast regenerating natural silicon sand, free of BPA and phthalates (unlike plastic and vinyl with chemical additives). Even with a dedicated commitment to the environment, these rugs are still sold with a lifetime warranty for maximum customer satisfaction.

From the clear standard design to the product’s durability, stability, and environmentally friendly materials, it is a good choice for any office owner and operator.


Sustainable manufacturing materials: The mat is 0.25 inches thick and is durable. Durable tempered glass materials were used to make this mat. The strength allows this mat to avoid cracking or breaking during a long period of use.

Lightly covered design: The bottom of the tempered glass mat is lightly covered. This coating allows the carpet to be stable on a rough exterior, even on the carpet. Therefore, you will get more firmness when using this mat on solid floors such as tile, laminate, and hardwood.

Healthy chair mat: Some low-quality mats smell bad, which affects the way you work in the office. But this chair mat is made of natural silicon sand which renews quickly, is 100% odorless, free from BPA, phthalates, PVC, and volatile toxins. It’s a healthy mat at work.

Handle for better control: The additional grip on the unique texture of the surface allows you to move around freely when sitting on the chair. The transparent mat has enough grip to maintain a controlled swing. Also, the chair does not slip. So, here on the mat, you will undoubtedly enjoy every minute, as you have the freedom to move smoothly in any direction.


  • 1-inch beveled edges have a patented design
  • Made of silky, odorless natural sand that renews quickly.
  • Rectangular and square size options, ranging from 36 to 46.


  • Minimal surface friction tilts the chair very quickly.
  • The mat itself tends to slide on the floor.
  • If the mat breaks, the pieces tend to break into sharp pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best chair mat for vinyl plank floor?

Chair mats for use in an office with vinyl flooring should not contain rubber or latex backing. Otherwise, the rubber will discolor and stain the vinyl floor over time. Good options to consider include glass mats or transparent glass-like materials.

What is the significance of a chair mat?

Chair mats protect the floor from marks, scratches, and spills. It also helps relieve back, and joint pain as chairs move more quickly on chair mats.

Do I need a vinyl chair mat?

The office rolling chair can crush the vinyl floor over time due to the wear and tear caused by the sliding friction. However, using a vinyl chair mat will protect the floor from impact.

What are the disadvantages of vinyl flooring?

Problems with vinyl flooring include discoloration, stains, scratches, chipping, cracks, and chips around the edges.

Who Are Glass Mats Intended For?

Glass mats are ideal for people looking for a sturdier alternative to plastic chair mats. It is less likely to break and crack under the weight of heavier people. They are also ideal for joints and back pain, as the chairs slide more easily on glass mats than plastic mats.


Chair mats are a great addition to your home because they protect the floor and make seating at the table more comfortable. We hope to guide you through the process of choosing a chair mat that’s right for you. With this in mind, we research and select high-quality products. This list should help you choose a good chair mat.