6 Best Curtain Rods For Blackout Curtains of 2022

Curtains are one of the most underrated parts of a home and something not everyone considers when remodeling or revamping their home’s layout. However, curtains are a significant part of your home design and should be carefully thought out to ensure that you enjoy the design and appearance of any room.

You’ll find the best rods to match your blackout curtains in these best curtain rods for blackout curtains! Curtains are essential to tie up a room. Color, fabric, and style all contribute to the look of a room and can even greatly enhance a living space.

Curtains have long been associated with the atmosphere and energy, so be careful when choosing them. Like many home furnishings, curtains add more than style to your home. Tents are used for a specific purpose, and specialized varieties can do different things.

Blackout curtains are one of the most popular varieties, and the concept behind them is simple, they hinder as much light as possible from entering the room, and when closed, it’s dark. If you are in the market for the best curtain rod for blackout curtains, check out our reviews!

Let’s go inside and choose the right one for you.

Top 6 Best Curtain Rods For Blackout Curtains Reviews

Finding the finest ones can be a daunting task as many options to choose from. So here are some of the best curtain rods for heavy curtains, we’ve rounded up for your convenience!

  • Darkening Black Amazon Basics Curtain Rod
  • Umbra Twilight Double Black Window Curtain Rod Set
  • Wrap Around Curtain Rods 
  • Rod Desyne 1 Inch Blackout Curtain Rod
  • MERIVILLE 1 Inch In Diameter Double Window Curtain Rod
  • Rose Home Fashion 1-Inch Pink Industrial Curtain Rod

For the shortages of time, if you wanna move fast, you may get one of our best recommendations above –

1. Darkening Black Amazon Basics Curtain Rod

Amazon Basics Room Darkening Blackout Curtain Rod

If you are looking for a super-efficient and robust curtain rod, make sure it blocks out all the light around you with a clean look. The Amazon Curtain Rod is an ideal option.

The aesthetics of this rod is straightforward but attractive, and the end-to-end feature guarantees that the entire cool, light air during tough winters is held out of the room. The central support ensures the rod is very strong to support heavy blackout curtains.

The fitting is also straightforward, and you can decide to have another hand screw the telescopic heads simultaneously. Overall, this is a sturdy, reasonably priced curtain rod that does precisely what it’s supposed to do.

Product Specifications

  • Adjustable length nickel curtain rod extends from 48 to 88 inches from end to end, excluding embellishments, from 52 to 92 inches, including wrap ends.
  • The curtain rod curves at both ends, wrapping the curtains around the window from end to end, blocking out light and insulating the room.
  • Available in black, bronze, and nickel finishes
  • Comes complete with mounting accessories, including screws, anchors, and installation instructions.


  • Provides edge-to-edge coverage to match curtains
  • Provides an adjustable fit to the wall
  • Easy to assemble in moments
  • Available in different finishes: black, nickel, bronze


  • There is a small gap with the wall when installed, which may cause light to enter

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2. Umbra Twilight Double Black Window Curtain Rod Set

Umbra Twilight Double Black Out Window Curtain Rod

Another robust selection that won’t stoop under the heaviness of room black-out curtains is the Umbra Double-blackout Curtain Rod. It possesses weight support of 22lbs and is made of high-quality nickel. It possesses a sleek and streamlined design, which ensures the firm fixing of the wall rod.

Curved edges will allow light-blocking barriers to provide full coverage. Installation is simple, and there are no visible screws for a highly polished finish. And they are available in brass, bronze, and nickel.

Consider this rod if you are in the market for high quality, this umbra twilight double curtain rod for your light-out curtains. It has a bright appearance, is stress-free to mount, and is very resistant to supporting the opaque curtains’ weight in the bedroom without letting them go.

These 28 to 48-inch rods come in three different sizes to top off your window, with 5/8-inch rods from the back and 3/4 inch rods in the front.

Finally, if you are willing to have this blackout curtain rod, it can aid you in the reduction of noise and air outflow.

Product Specifications

  • Dark Bedroom Solution – By creating a curved curtain rod at both ends, the curtains line up with the Twilight wall and wrap the window from end to end, blocking light and insulating the room.
  • Easy To Install – This Twilight Double Rod comes with everything you need for quick setup and doesn’t require a rod holder; Includes a steel curtain rod, metal screws, plastic anchors, and easy-to-follow assembly instructions.
  • Fits Multiple Window Sizes – The dual telescoping rod has a 3/4″ diameter front bar and a 5/8″ diameter back bar and is available in 3 sizes to fit most windows.
  • Save Energy, Reduce Noise – Paired with a light-blocking or blackout curtain, Twilight will help insulate your room by blocking out cold drafts and outside noise.
  • Satisfaction – Umbra is committed to the highest levels of quality and excellence and is the foundation of every product good out there.


  • Helps to insulate the room efficiently
  • Comes with additional accessories for quick installation
  • Double curtain rod design for added security
  • Unique cover feature to withstand storms and wind
  • Does not allow light peaks


  • The wall holder is fragile
  • It begins to shake after some time of use

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3. Wrap Around Curtain Rods For Blackout Room Darkening Curtains

Turquoize 2 Pack Wrap Around Curtain Rods

Suppose you are on a tight budget and searching for a cheap blackout curtain rod. This two set of Curtain rods is the one you should go for. The arched edge is suitable for light blocking, confidentiality, and sound insulation.

They are straightforward to install, you need to align the correct base with the suitable base, and the package will allocate them correctly. They are of good quality, wrought and cast iron, and offer excellent value for money for a set of 2.

The shutters are straightforward to open and close, and there will be no drooping, sloping, or falling. It is highly recommended for the installation of low-cost opaque curtains. They are available in 3 colors (black, bronze, and nickel). And in both sizes 28″-48″ and 48″-86″.

Product Specifications

  • Wrap Around Design – Approximately 3 1/2 inches from the wall, the curtain rod curves at both ends, perfect for blocking side light and increasing privacy.
  • Adjustable: 5/8 inch telescopic curtain rod can be adjusted from 28 to 48 inches to fit your window.
  • Material: Constructed of durable metal/steel in rods and hardware and metal brackets.
  • Set Includes: Each set contains two sets of classic single window rods (each set includes steel curtain rods, metal screws, plastic anchors, and easy-to-follow instructions).
  • Additional features: Comes in 3 colors (black, bronze and nickel) and two sizes (28-48inch, 48-86inch); the 2-pack of sales modules will save you billing fees.


  • Allows easy hanging of curtains
  • Provides greater privacy to maximize security
  • Sold in sets of two for the price of one
  • Adjustable telescopic rod for a comfortable fit
  • Includes more accessories for faster installation


  • Rods tend to look a bit rough

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4. Rod Desyne 1 Inch Blackout Curtain Rod

Rod Desyne 1 inch Blackout Curtain Rod

If you are searching for a blackout curtain rod for the room, which has a smooth and clean finish and offers a simple and attractive design, Rod Desyne’s 1-inch curtain rod is the best choice.

This curtain rod offers easy installation for users and comes in two different mounting options. You can choose to mount this curtain rod on the wall or above the window and hang it from the roof with a ceiling bracket.

Both mounting features give you much more flexibility in installation while bringing your room decor to life.

The industrial design is simply aesthetic and elegant and offers eco-friendly energy-saving features. It can help the curtain rod bear the weight of heavy blackout curtains without bending.

This 120×170″ rod has a diameter of 1″, which makes it solid and durable. It can easily support the weight of your heavy curtains.

Constructed of steel and bronze alloy, this pillar provides a 4″ protocol and 3″ clearance during assembly. It allows your blinds to block out all light and most sound from outside.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions 170 x 1.5 x 1 inch
  • 64 pounds weight with metal structure
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Includes: 1-inch curtain rod diameter, mounting brackets, and accessories
  • Rod projection: 3.25 inches.
  • Center support quality: 28 inches to 48 in-0°; 48 inches to 84 inches-1; 84 inches at 120 in 1; 120 inches to 170 inches-2
  • Sleek industrial design that offers energy-saving features
  • Can be hunged on the wall or directly on the ceiling


  • Industrial design with the solid build quality
  • Supports ceiling and wall mounting options
  • Includes hardware required for quick assembly
  • Full end-to-end coverage with curtains


  • Rod can be easily scratched
  • It is a bit difficult to assemble

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5. MERIVILLE 1 Inch In Diameter Double Window Curtain Rod

MERIVILLE 1-Inch Diameter Double Window Treatment Curtain Rod

Scratches are the most common problem with many curtain rods, but this model isn’t moved about that. In addition to the all-metal alloy, it has a high-quality hand-painted polyresin finish with beautiful detailing.

The product is also covered by the manufacturer’s 100% money-back guarantee, which we convinced us.

Finally, there are three color options to choose from for the finish – Gunmetal, Royal Gold, and Burnt Gold.

Product Specifications

  • Energy Saving – there is no space between the shutters and the wall. Rolling curtains block light, save energy and reduce noise. Hang with opaque panels for a full room darkening effect.
  • Strong And Durable – Adjustable 1 inch diameter curtain rods are made of metal, so you know they’ll last. Mounting hardware included.
  • More Finish Options – Available in 4 finishes: Black, oil rubbed bronze; Satin nickel, and gold.
  • Expandable – Designed to fit windows of different sizes. They are available in three sizes: 28″ – 48″, 48″ – 84″ and 84″ – 120″. Additional center support comes with 48″-84″ and 84″-120″. The wall projection is adjustable from 4″ to 4.5″.
  • 100% Washable Guarantee – a 100% guarantee backs Merville curtain rods that you are delighted with their product or your money back.


  • Robust: high-quality polyresin finish
  • Reliable: 100% manufacturer money-back guarantee
  • Flexible and versatile: three color finish options


  • No complaints

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6. Rose Home Fashion 1-Inch Pink Industrial Curtain Rod

Rose Home Fashion 1-Inch Pink Industrial Curtain Rod

This blackout curtain rod is genuinely unique, and its versatile design allows it to support the weight of heavy curtains efficiently.

With a 48-86″ length and a rod diameter of 1″, this rod will fit any window in your home. Its heavy-duty steel construction provides excellent durability.

The rustic and industrial style certainly complements curtains with a similar design. Plus, the wrap-around style ensures complete light blockage and minimizes noise.

Installing the rods is quite simple, with the instructions that come with it. By making minor adjustments at the end of the cover, the curtain rod can be screwed on.

And interestingly, you can install it in two ways; a wall bracket and a ceiling bracket.

Its design allows users to hang the curtain on the window or the wall easily. Because it is 7/8 inch in diameter and made of aluminum and alloy steel, making it is one of the best industrial curtain rods on the list.

This product is designed for durable curtains with a sturdy steel frame and a 1-inch diameter. It is made in an industrial and rustic style that complements similar fashions’ curtains. You can also unscrew the curtain rod to hang or remove it by slightly adjusting the end cover.

There are two types of installation: ceiling mounting and wall mounting. The design allows users to quickly hang it on the wall or above the window. You can also use it as a permanent fixture if you wish.

The only problem with this product is that there is no flexibility in the width of the curtain rod – the size of the window space only limits its size.

Product Specifications

  • It has a sturdy metal frame
  • Available in different sizes
  • 5 x 3 x 3 inches
  • 100% metallic
  • Industrial Style – Complete your stylish window treatments with this rustic industrial design adjustable curtain rod.
  • For heavy curtains – sturdy steel frame and 1-inch diameter rod for heavier fabrics.
  • More practical design: you can easily adjust the end cover to find the perfect position for installation. Loosen end cap rod to hang or remove curtains.
  • Two types of installation – ceiling mount and wall mount for different uses.


  • It has a wrap-around design to block light
  • Attractive matte black nail polish to reflect light
  • Bi-directional mounting option for convenient installation
  • Durable build quality that can withstand heavy loads
  • Aluminum clamps to reinforce the installation and firmly hold the shutters


  • Limited dimensional options

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Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Curtain Rods For Blackout Curtains

We all want to buy the best blackout curtain rods and need our advice on looking when purchasing one. If you’re in a hurry, don’t worry! We have good advice for you.

An exciting place to begin is with the materials used by the manufacturer. Observe the quality of the material and see how it will last over time or come off quickly.

Another thing to consider is customer reviews – they can help decide whether a product meets your needs or not.

It’s also essential to know how straightforward it will be to put together before buying, so we always recommend checking this out beforehand! If possible, try to read the instructions that come with the product.


Curtain rods come in different diameters, the three most common sizes being 0.625 inches, one inch, and 1.125 inches. A denser rod will be durable to hold heavyweight curtains, the only clause is that it will be more evident.


Curtain rods typically range from 12 to 144 inches long. You can buy single rods or adjustable rods.

Single-length rods are stronger but offer less flexibility in window use. Adjustable rods generally suit any window design; however, they can break if stretched too far.


The rods are formed with wood, plastic, or metal. Metal is the most common rod material because it is the strongest.


Please note the rod style and color before purchasing if you want the rod you choose to match the curtain design and room decor.


A shutter rod will be required to be mounted on the wall with props or other auxiliary hardware. Certain curtain rods are bought with fitting hardware, while others require purchasing this hardware separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where the curtain rod brackets should be placed?

They are usually placed above the window, 4 to 7 inches from the frame on both sides, so that the shutters can be removed from the window.

What is the length of the curtain rods?

Good quality curtain rods will last as long as you live in your current home. Some dismantle them and reinstall them in their new home.

Do you need a drill hole to install curtain rods?

You have to drill holes because most curtain rods are held in place by a metal bracket that attaches to the wall above the window frame. You may need to drill holes to secure the brackets in place.

What do you need to install curtain rods?

The available tools you will need are a drill, ladder, pencil, spirit level, Phillips screwdriver, and tape measure.

What is the best weight capacity for heavy curtains?

For heavy curtains, such as blackout curtains, curtain rod weight should be around 25 pounds for best performance.

How many types of curtain rods are there?

The most common curtain rods based on the material are brass, bronze, and durable steel. There are also rods of other types of metals.

On the other hand, curtain rods are usually available in single rod, double rod, spiral rod, tension rod, conventional rod, or cross rod.

What are finials?

Finials are the knobs at the end of a curtain rod. They are both decorative and functional as they add style to the rod and prevent curtains from falling off the sides of the rod.

Can I change the finials of the curtain rod?

If the finials are straddled or fastened to the rod, you can purchase spare finials if it breaks or you want to change the look of the curtain rod. All of this depends on the curtain rod design.

What is a double rod?

Double rods are supplied with a big rod and a small rod. The big rod protrudes forward and holds the central curtain, while the insignificant rod protrudes from the back and supports the blackout or sheer panels. You can also purchase two distinct rods if you intend to use the panels in addition to one curtain, but that will cost more.


When buying a new product, it may not be easy to know which one is the best. There are many different curtain rods for blackout curtains that offer similar features and functionality. The key to finding the right brand for your needs is to think about what kind of person you are.

Are you someone who doesn’t mind spending time researching? Or maybe you don’t have enough money or patience to spend hours reading reviews online? If so, we recommend that you try to read the article!

We have taken all the hard work off your hands – just let us know what type of product you’re looking for, and we’ll give you some helpful information to help you buy the best curtain rods for blackout curtains for your needs.

The finest curtain rods for blackout curtains should allow the curtains to turn around the edges to block out light. Be durable to hold the weight of heavy, blackout curtains made of high-quality materials.