Best Dryer Vent Cover To Keep Mice Out of 2022

Keep the mice out of your dryer by getting the best dryer vent cover to keep mice out. This way you will be able to keep your dryer functioning well and it serves for a long time. In addition to that, the dryer will not only keep the mice out but will as well keep off the birds.

Among the important part of the drier is not just the inner part but also the mice dryer vent. During the cold season, mice seek refuge to warm places. Sadly, your dryer is its refuge place to keep itself dry, warm, and away from predators.

It is easy for the mice to enter the house. Indoor mice might be unhygienic and destructive and no one likes them in their houses. To ensure that your dryer keeps on working effectively you have to cover it. Make sure the cover you use is safe and does not cause any fire hazard.

Besides, it requires regular maintenance and a replacement the moment it begins to wear out. Dryers come in various designs that are made from different materials. With all that variety of mice in the dryer vent, it might be difficult to pick the best. Remember the best dryer vent cover should fit the siding, any type of dryer, or duct system and it should be easy to do the installation on your own.

As well, it should be of the best quality and affordable. There are various features that we considered to choose the best cover from the top products. Below are some of the best dryer vent caps and covers. All that you should do is select the one you like.

The Best Collection of Best Dryer Vent Cover To Keep Mice Out

Below are some of our best selections based on important features and your favorite must be among them.

1.Funmit 4″ Louvered Vent Cover

Funmit 4" Louvered Vent Cover

If you are looking for the best rodent proof dryer vents cover for your dryer then this one is the best option for you. The vent was made in the best design that will serve you for a long time without causing any fire hazards.

Features of Funmit 4 Louvered Vent Cover:

Material. The vent cover is made of a 4-inch plastic material which is durable. It has four screws that make the installation easy. Furthermore, its plastic material contains a UV stabilizer which helps in reducing fading because of sunlight exposure.

Universal application. Funmit vent cover fits a pipe with a diameter or vent opening of 4-inch and the outer cap cover of its plate measures 6 by 6.

Great home improvement. It helps in keeping wind, snow, and rain from getting into the exterior dryer vents. Additionally, it keeps away dryer vent rodent guards and birds.

Easy to Install. Installation of this louvered vent cover for your dryer and fan bath venting is easy.


  • Easy installation
  • Great value
  • Easy cleaning
  • Long life of using
  • Made of durable material that is of the best quality
  • It is tasted by the manufacturers
  • Makes life very comfortable


  • Sometimes it comes broken

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2. Ami 4 Inch White Plastic Louvered Outdoor Vent Cover

4 Inch White Plastic Louvered Outdoor Vent Cover

Here is another mouse proof dryer vent for your dryer. The vent cover is used widely used in the walls of houses and dryers to keep out wind, snow, rain, and birds.


Standard dimension. The package contains one louvered plastic vent cover and an aluminum alloy vent grill. The grill fits well with the louvered vent with the dimensions of 4-inch. It is important to always check before buying for proper fitting.

Used widely and it is convenient for your life. This type of mouse proof dryer vent cover can be used in indoor exhausters to lower noise. As well, it can be used in bathroom extractors and vents, kitchen vents and fans, all wall vents in homes, electric and gas dryers, and all units of air conditioning.

Curved Structure. The curved structure prevents rain, wind, snow, and birds when getting into the dryer vent. It as well helps in keeping the dryer from unwanted outdoor elements and pests.

Best quality and Durable Material. This type of vent cover is made from durable plastic of premium quality. The plastic material has UV inhibitors which increase weather resistance leading to long-lasting services. UV inhibitors as well help in preventing the cover from fading, cracking, or any damage that is a result of sunlight exposure.

With this type of dryer vent cover, you don’t have to worry about overheating the hood while it protects the dryer vent from pollutants, mice, snakes, and birds.

Easy to Clean and Install. The cover can be installed without the need for professional tools. It is simple, just use the screws and your work is done within a short time. Its structure ensures good ventilation and a maximum flow of exhaust.

If you want to clean the vent cover, simply remove the screws. The dryer vent mouse guard will work well in exchanging air giving your life a more comfortable feeling which improves your home.


  • Easy Installation
  • Easy to clean
  • Betters life
  • It works as expected


  • It might arrive when the glass is broken

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3. LUXRILIX 6″ Plastic Louvered Vent Cover

Louvered Dryer Vent Cover

LUXRILIX 6 plastic louvered vent cover is used as a vent replacement. Its design of low profile ensures there is maximum exhaust flow of air while venting the clothing dryer. Besides, it quietly closes and opens as air flows through the louvered vent. The flaps of opening and shutting prevent exterior elements from getting into the vent.


Keeps the elements out. The exhaust of this dryer vent cover has three faps system that allows the louver to close automatically without the currents of air through. It works effectively in preventing the exterior elements such as snow, birds, cold air, rain, and snow from getting inside the vent.

Superior material. The dryer vent screen mice of the vent cover are of the best quality and have strong ABS plastic.

Three flaps. The flaps allow air to flow through hence keeping your room tidy all through.

The installation is easy. You need professional tools or help to install the vent. All you have to do is attach the cover outdoors using the four screws.

Great exhaust. It allows the dryer to get better ventilation.

Gives 100% satisfaction. The vent cover accomplishes its purpose perfectly well.


  • Versatile application
  • Keeps the elements out
  • Easy to install
  • Superior material that is paintable to match the house and give protection
  • It is 100% satisfying


  • It doesn’t have any hardware

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4. Repa Exhaust Hood Vent cover

4'' Inch Exhaust Hood Vent with Rain Cover

The exhaust hood vent cover is made from a pest proof dryer vent cover screen hence keeping the pests away from the dryer. It as well prevents dust from entering the dryer making it the best vent cover for your home.


Suitable for both outdoors and indoors. It is easy to install a new air exhaust cover and the grill cove.

It is paintable. The components of the plastic contain UV stabilizers that prevent the color from fading when exposed to sunlight. As well you can paint the cover with the color of your choice or the one that matches your house.

Designed for sufficient flow of air: It is designed for sufficient flow of air which is the best improvement for your home.

Exterior diameter: The exterior diameter fits a pipe with a diameter of 4-inch. The outer measurement of the cover plate is 5.9 by 5.9.


  • Easy to install
  • Sufficient flow of air
  • It can be used both outdoors and indoors


  • Small and delicate pins
  • A vent cover with a single flapper makes a lot of noise

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5. Imperial 4″ Premium Intake Cap

Imperial 4" Premium Intake Hood with Built-In Pest Guard Screen

This one is also among the great choices for covering your dyer. It is made from a long-lasting material.


  • The installation is easy
  • Build with a pest guard metal screen
  • It fits a pipe or vent opening with a diameter of 4 inch
  • The cap cover has a diameter of 6 by 6
  • It is paintable
  • The components of the material have a UV stabilizer which reduces fading when it is exposed to sunlight.
  • It is the best replacement for the damaged hood cap
  • It doesn’t include a tailpipe


  • Installation is easy
  • You can paint the material with your desired color
  • The material of the glass screen is a pest proof dryer vent cover.
  • It makes your life better with a good flow of air


  • The glass might break on its arrival

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6. Mousemesh Small White Pest Proofing Air Brick Vent Cover

Mousemesh Small White Pest Proofing Air Brick Vent Cover

The air vent cover to keep mice out from the dryer is the best cover and it can also be used in exhaust pipes in the bathroom. It is the best for keeping away rodents, birds, and insects.


No professional needed to install it. Installation is very easy and no specific skills or tools are needed to install. As well, it is easy to open and has a good ventilation system with maximum exhaust.

It is curved. The curved shape gives it additional beauty.

It has UV inhibitors. This prevents it from cracking or getting damaged when exposed to the sun. In addition to that, it is suitable for covering the vent of the bathroom fan and dryer.

It may be used to cover a grill. It has an outer cover and an air deflector making your life better.

Made of high-quality plastic material. Its plastic body is strong and durable for preventing rain, birds, wind, snow, and any external elements from getting into the dryer.

The product offers the best services. This type of vent cover is the best making it your first choice for buying. In addition to that, it gives you a beautiful and comfortable life.


  • It is easy to install
  • Makes your life beautiful
  • It gives the best services
  • It is made with the best quality material that is durable


  • Sometimes the installation screws might be short.

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How to Install Dryer Vent Cover

How to Install Dryer Vent Cover

Mouse proof dryer vent caps or covers come in various designs the way of installation is not always the same. For you to install it properly, it’s good to check how it is supposed to be installed on its original website or its package. On the contrary, you can get it installed by a professional contractor even though many of those mentioned are easy to do on your own.

How to Replace Dryer Vent caps or Covers in Vinyl Siding

Siding made of vinyl might be very difficult to deal with because it is not durable as concrete and brick. If you want to install it in such type of material, follow the following steps to get the work done.

  • Use the screwdriver to remove the screws from your old dryer. You can as well remove the screw using the power tool. The two tools are enough for popping them out. On the contrary, if they are caulked or shut on the wall, you use a utility knife for cutting through.
  • Assemble the tubbing and attach them if you have it and then slide the tubing with the pipes. Ensure the tubes goes over the tubing and not inside. This helps prevent lint from sticking at the edges.
  • After you have inserted the front plate, screw it on the siding so that it doesn’t fall off. If you are installing it for the first time, cut a rough outlet in the siding to enable the surface to flush the plate of the vent cover. However, you should always keep in mind that no part should be bent to fit because it may cause leakage in the system.

In case you don’t want any gaps, use sealants like silicone among others. But you should keep in mind that you will have to remove it when replacing or maintaining the dryer vent.

Safety Tips

When you do vent cover installation on your own, there are some things that you should always avoid. This will help in preventing damaging the house, the vent cover, or yourself. Below are some highlighted safety tips.

  • Use the required safety equipment such as Google, ladder, and gloves.
  • Don’t install during the bad weather.
  • Ensure that there is sufficient light so that you can see how everything fits in its place.
  • If you are doing the installation for the first time, make sure you have an extra one in case things don’t go well. This is especially when the vent cover is a plastic model.

Types of Dryer Vent Tubes

The dryer tube or duct is the heart of the dryer venting. There are various types of venting but here are the major types.

Aluminum foil tube

It is cheap and very easy to find because they are very common. They have a style of foil accordion. The aluminum foil tube has a cylindrical shape because of the coiled wires. Because the duct is made of metal, it’s nit inflammable. This product is classified as a transition duct because it can’t be used in the assemblies of the wall.

Semi-Rigid metal tube

It looks more like the aluminum foil tube and they both have the accordion style. This makes the tube more flexible. it is as well a transition and should be used outside the wall assemblies. The metal duct is semi-rigid and hence cannot crush so easily. The inner part of the duct is smooth allowing lint and debris to move freely in the duct.

Periscope or slim duct

Made of rigid metal it enables you to freely push your dryer next to the wall. Since it is a transition tube, it has to be kept outside your wall assemblies.

Rigid metal tube

Among all the dryer ducts, it is the only one that may be installed in the wall assemblies. Its interior is very smooth allowing lint and air to flow.

Vinyl vent

It is widely used. However, vinyl or plastic vents are not recommended anymore because its a fire hazard. Various codes don’t allow such vents.

Cleaning the Dryer Vent

When dryer vents are filled with lint and debris, it causes about 3000 home fire cases and five deaths yearly. Cleaning the vent should be a regular practice for the safety of you, your family, and your home as well.

Unplug the dryer the from power receptacle and then detach the tube that comes from your dryer to the house. Clean the tube using the vacuum cleaner. If it doesn’t reach all the places buy a new tube. Clean the vent that leads out of your dryer and the vent tube that is attached to your house. Clean the lint filter of your dryer and finally replace all the items.

Dryer Vent Troubleshooting and Care

The overall operation of your dryer highly depends on how tight and clean it is. Below are some of the most common problem that arises.

Tube detaching from the dryer

Quite often the dryer duct or tube falls off from the dryer of the attachment points to the wall. The source of the problem can be noticed the moment you walk to the laundry room. You will realize the air is moist, hot, and smells like your laundry detergent.

Remove the dryer tube and do the cleaning. Sometimes it’s the weight of debris and lint combined with the pressure of the air making the tube detach. Reattach it with new plastic clips or springs.

Punctured Dryer Vent Duct or Tube

Aluminum foil tubes tend to get punctured because the foil is very thin. If the puncture s small, buy aluminum foil tapes to cover the hole. Don’t use different types of tapes to work this out. When the tube has a big hole or various punctures consider buying a new tube.

Clogged or Dirty Vent Tube

Debris and lint are hazardous to your duct tubes. It is most likely when the dryer misses the lint filter. And if it has the filter then the fabric got torn. Don’t repair the filter just buy the new one.

Vermin in Dryer Duct

Rats, Mice, and other elements might get into the house through the dryer vent. Examine the metal or plastic grille that covers your louvered vent opening externally. Ensure that the grille is firmly attached. Reattach it or purchase a new one and attach it.

Questions that are Frequently Asked

How can someone stop the mice from getting into the Vent?

The best thing to do to keep the mice from entering the vent is to install a screen cover on your vent. Flaps and louvered dryer vents are less effective since they can easily be lifted. Sometimes the mice wait until it opens and then get in. ad extra security with dryer vent mesh and always check lint build-up regularly.

Is It Good to Vent the Dryer Down or UP?

This depends highly on the type of dryer that you are having. For bathroom dryers and exhausts that are similar to them, it’s good to vent up because the only worry is hot air. Clothe dryers are always vented down to prevent lint from building in the tube upwards.

What are the Best Exterior Vent Covers for Birds?

Any type of vent model works as the dryer cover for keeping away the birds. Choose the one with small gaps to prevent the animals but it should be large enough to allow air to flow freely to the dryer.

How to keep mice out of the dryer vent?

There are many ways to keep mice out of your dryer vent. One way is to use a screen on your vent that is small enough for a mouse to get through. Another way is to use a metal mesh that mice can’t chew through.

Here are 5 ways you can keep mice out of your dryer vent:

  • Use screens on the vent that only allow air and not rodents in
  • Use metal mesh over the vents
  • Place a mouse trap inside the duct
  • Put mothballs or peppermint oil inside an old stocking and hang it from the vent
  • Spray peppermint oil into the duct

How to seal dryer vent from mice?

There are many reasons why you may need to seal a dryer vent from mice. Mice love to nest in the warm environment of your dryer vent which can cause a lot of damage to your home and clothes. They can also create a fire hazard if they chew on the insulation around the wire.

The following are three tips for how to seal your dryer vent from mice:

  • Seal all holes in the exterior wall near the dryer with metal wool, caulk, or silicone sealant. Mice can enter through these holes in search of food or shelter.
  • Use an airtight metal mesh screen over vents that lead outside. Be sure to use screws or zip ties so that they cannot be removed by rodents.
  • Use an airtight

The Bottom Line

It is a great investment when you choose the best dryer vent cover to keep mice out when compared to the price of a new vent. Install the vent cover and maintain it properly because it might extend the life span of the dryer. It can as well help in keeping your house warm during winter. Besides, it prevents pests from getting into the duct.

There are various types of vent models so pick the one that meets your preference and taste. Make sure the tube is compatible with your vent cover. If you are not sure about doing the installation on your own, hire a professional to get it done for you to prevent problems. Also, remember to clean and maintain the tube regularly.