Best Electric Pressure Washer for Car Detailing of 2022

Are you tired of always driving your car to the car wash spot? Then you should invest in the best electric pressure washer for car detailing to clean all the dust, dirt, grime, and stains that keep your car from looking its best on the road. With a pressure washer, you will have an easier time cleaning your car as well as other sports such as your garage and driveway.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for the best pressure washer for car detailing, you might get confused due to the high number of pressure washers on the market. That’s why we saw it wise to do the analysis for you so as to make your work easier. After analyzing tens of pressure washers, we settled on 10 pressure washers for cars. Before we review them, here is a simple criterion you can use to get the right one for your needs;

Why Should you Invest In The Pressure Washer For Car Detailing?

Time-saving: Many people are not able to clean their cars as often as they would want because they don’t have enough time to take their cars to the pressure washing joints. However, with a pressure washer at home, you can clean your car within a short time and at your own convenience.

Easier to clean and does a thorough job: The best thing about pressure washers is that they are easy to use. You don’t need to learn how to use it as most of the things are self-explanatory. What’s more, they do a thorough job at cleaning even the toughest of the filths and oil stains on your car and garage. And the best thing is that you will finish your work easily and in a shorter time. The high pressure of the water makes it easier to remove even the most stubborn stains such as oil stains and grease.

Cost-effective: Taking your car to a pressure washing joint costs you a lot of money since you have to wash it often to keep it in pristine condition. However, by investing in the best pressure washer, you will be saving a lot of money as you will be washing your car easily yourself. Considering a pressure washer is just a one-time investment and the benefit will be long-term, this makes it a cost-effective option.

Take good care of your car: No one else understands the value of your car better than you. You know better how to handle the delicate parts, and which areas to focus on more. That’s why buying a pressure washer is a good decision as you will be cleaning your car in the best way possible, and thus you will be satisfied by the results.

Top 10 Best Electric Pressure Washer for Car Detailing Reviews:

If you keep these factors in mind, then you should be able to choose the right pressure washer. Here are the top 10 ones;

1. Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer

This electric pressure washer offers a good mix of power, versatility, and performance for an unmatched clean. It is best suited for different cleaning tasks ranging from cleaning patios, boats, cars, trucks, decks, etc. This pressure washer has a water jet pressure of 2030psi and a water flow rate of 1.76GPM to give you irresistible cleaning power.

It is one of the few pressure washers with a soap selection dial, which allows you to select from different detergents in the two inbuilt tanks. This makes cleaning gunk, grease, grime, and dirt from different surfaces easier and simpler. The washer also comes with a 34-inch spray wand and wheels that make it easier to clean crevices and hard-to-reach areas.

A variety of five spray nozzle tips makes it easier to adjust the jet pressure to be in conjunction with your cleaning task. To improve cleaning efficiency, this electric pressure from Sun Joe comes with a 35ft power cord and 20ft high pressure hose.


  • Has an auto-shut off system that shuts off the pump when the trigger button is not engaged
  • Features rear wheels and has 20ft hose as well as 35ft power cord to allow maneuverability
  • Has commendable water pressure of 2030psi at 1.76GPM flow rate to deliver enough power that can disintegrate and clean even the toughest of grime and stains
  • Has a set of two inbuilt detergents tanks (9L) as well as a detergent selection dial that allows you to choose the type of detergent to choose
  • Features a set of five spray nozzle tips to cater to different cleaning tasks


  • There were complaints of units not working after some time, but the newer models have been improved.

2. Stanley SLP2050 Electric Power Washer

The Stanley SLP2050 offers great value for your money. From reliable performance to durable construction, this electric power washer by Stanley has it all. With a maximum pressure of 2050psi, you can rest assured that this unit will handle even the toughest of stains.

Being an electric pressure washer means that this unit is suited for light and medium-duty tasks. With a maximum water flow of 1.4GPM as well as a robust tri-axial pump, this electric washer will do a thorough cleaning job. You can use it to remove mold, dirt, and grime from cars and surfaces hassle-free.

The unit is quite compact, and thus easy to move around and store. Its 6-inch heavy duty robust wheels make it highly mobile. The Stanley SLP2050 features a 25-foot vinyl hose that you can easily connect to a spray gun. It also has a 28-ounce detergent dispenser tank and a soap nozzle for easier cleaning.


  • It is easy to set up and assemble
  • Has a flexible and adjustable design
  • Has high water efficiency
  • Can clean a wide range of surfaces thanks to the five nozzle tips
  • Comes with a satisfactory warranty


  • It is a little bit bulky but still portable
  • The detergent dispenser can run into problems when pulling detergent from the wand

3. Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer

The Sun Joe name is a big brand name that gives people some confidence that the pressure washer they are purchasing is quality, and this SPX3001 electric pressure cooker doesn’t disappoint.

It features an 1800-watt motor that can provide a maximum of 2030psi to make it suitable for different cleaning tasks. When you combine this with the 5 spray tips offered, you will find out that this unit makes all cleaning projects a breeze. The 2030PSI is more than enough for residential cleaning tasks. This pressure can handle medium and heavy-duty cleaning projects.

The spray tips come in sizes of 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 25 degrees, 40 degrees, and a soap nozzle. All of them come in one packaging for easy storage. This electric washer uses the TSS (Total Stop System), which means that it will automatically shut off if the trigger button is not engaged.

The detergent tank can hold 40.6 fluid ounces, and thus can serve longer before needing a fill up. This washer features a 35ft electric power cord and a 34-inch spray wand for an extension to ensure that you clean hard to reach areas.


  • It is effective at cleaning different surfaces
  • Has a wide cleaning angle for efficiency
  • Runs quietly thanks to its electric operation
  • The nozzle tips are replaceable
  • Has easy to operate controls and is easy to move around


  • Has a manual trigger lock
  • Not efficient at using power

4. Briggs& Stratton S1800 Electric Pressure Washer

Equipped with a 20ft high-pressure horse as well as a detergent tank and turbo nozzle, this electric pressure washer from Briggs & Stratton rips through the toughest of the dirt, grease, gunk, and grime with incredible ease. And unlike most other models in its category, this one runs relatively quieter and does a greater job at cleaning different surfaces. The low noise pollution makes it ideal for doing cleaning indoors.

What’s more, this pressure washer comes equipped with a detergent tank that lathers the soap thereby giving you a clean wash. It is also equipped with a turbo nozzle that makes cleaning energy efficient and thorough. The turbo nozzle also saves you time as it speeds up cleaning work. This electric pressure washer is said to be 40% faster than a standard spray washer.

With three spray tips (15-degrees, 40-degrees, and turbo nozzle tip) you can clean different surfaces, including car, patio, deck, and garages. A 20ft high-pressure hose makes it easier for one to clean both nearby and hard to reach surfaces. With a maximum water pressure of up to 1800psi and 1.2 max GPM, you can easily clean dirt from different surfaces, including those in elevated heights.


  • Has a detergent tank that lathers soap to make cleaning simpler
  • It is ideal for cleaning indoors and outdoors
  • Has a tough welded-steel design making it durable
  • Features a turbo nozzle for faster cleaning
  • Allows you to clean hard to reach areas thanks to 20ft high-pressure hose


  • The hose could be made longer
  • It is quite heavier

5. Sun Joe SPX4000-PRO Electric Pressure Washer

If you are looking for a smaller, compact pressure washer that requires no fuel to run, then the SPX4000-Pro from Sun Joe might fit the bill. This compact-sized electric washer weighs 27.8 pounds and measures 37 by 18 by 22 inches. And although it might be larger than most other pressure washers made by Sun Joe, it is still relatively smaller compared to other pressure washers in its category.

The washer has a water flow rate of 1.76GPM and features a controllable knob that you can use to select the amount of pressure to use, which can go up to 2030psi.With a 14.5 amp motor as well as two tanks of detergents with 30fl.oz capacity each, this washer has all you need to clean your car and different surfaces at home.

Besides, it features the Total Stop System that switches off the motor when the trigger button is not activated. This helps to extend the lifespan of the unit and prevents kids and pets from getting injured. It comes with five different spray nozzles for different pressure requirements, which means that it can handle any dirt or grime. Features a 20ft uniform pressure hose and a power cord, and comes with a cleaning kit.


  • It is compact in size
  • Comes with a wheel for easy portability
  • Makes less noise
  • Runs on electricity


  • It is lightweight, but the casing is made of plastic, and thus less durable
  • Only designed for residential use; not commercial

6. TEANDE 3800PSI Electric Pressure Washer

With 1800W of higher pressure, the TEANDE 3800psi pressure washer is available in two colors- green and orange. It has a powerful motor that can generate up to 3800psi and 2.8GPM. This is suitable for all cleaning tasks, including garage and industrial usage. This unit also has a water inlet that can channel the water of up to 104 degrees F.

This unit features five different nozzle tips, which makes this machine suitable for different kinds of cleaning. Depending on your cleaning needs, you can choose among the five. It also uses the Total Stop System, which means that the pump will automatically shut off if the trigger is not engaged for some time. Through this machine, you can clean different surfaces including cars, trucks, RVs, buildings, lawn equipment, boats, and more.


  • Available in two colors and thus you have a choice
  • Backed by a 3-year limited warranty
  • It is durable thanks to its solid construction
  • Amazing customer care that can answer your questions regarding this unit


  • It is a bit heavy

7. Powerhouse International Pressure Washer

With 2.2GPM and 3000 PSI, this pressure washer from Powerhouse International is one of the best electric pressure washers for car detailing. It is designed to clean even the toughest of dirt and stains with ease. Perfect for deck and patio cleaning, this electric high-power pressure washer is also ideal for car cleaning, thanks to its hose real and spray gun.

This electric pressure washer is better than gas pressure washers as it runs quietly, and thus doesn’t make noise. It also has angle and turbo nozzle tips, brush, soap foam sprayer, and everything you need to clean different surfaces.

Its perfect combination of black and red color gives it a macho look. The product has a flexible hose that can extend up to 30 feet to allow you to clean hard to reach areas. It also features a telescoping handle that allows one to move this unit from one place to another. Another feature that makes it stand out is that it comes with a 4-wheel removable cart to allow one to freely move with it from one place to another.

This unit also features two proprietary nozzles; the turbo nozzle cleans by making circular patterns that enable this unit to clean debris. On the other hand, the angle nozzle can be used for a variety of cleaning surfaces including cleaning gutters, car underbody, and underneath lawn equipment.


  • It looks great
  • It is sturdy and thus durable
  • It is powerful and thus can handle any cleaning task
  • Comes with a wide range of accessories for different cleaning tasks
  • It is easy to move around thanks to its telescoping handle


  • The larger power outlet is needed which may not suit all outlets

8. Sun Joe SPX3000-BLK Pressure Washer

Sun Joe is a renowned brand and one of the leading manufacturers of pressure washers for residential use. With dozens of projects to its name, they have continued to make durable pressure washers, with one of its latest unit being Sun Joe SPX3000.

The Sun Joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer is a great cleaning tool that offers 2030psi at a 1.76GPM water flow rate. This may not be the biggest cleaning power, but it is commendable and more than enough to handle most surfaces at home.

It comes with a quick selection dial that allows you to choose the type of detergent to use from the two detergent inbuilt tanks that hold 0.9 liters. This means that you can keep two separate detergents with you, ready to clean out those tough tanks. This pressure washer from Sun Joe also has the Total Stop System, which turns off the pump if the trigger button is not activated. This helps to save on electricity and extend its lifespan. It comes with a 20ft high-pressure hose as well as a 35ft power cord to enable you to clean a large area.


  • It is lightweight and easy to move around
  • Highly affordable for those on a tight budget
  • Runs quietly
  • Comes with five spray nozzles to handle different tasks
  • Features dual detergent tanks


  • It is a light-medium duty cleaner
  • Adjusting the pressure output of this unit is not possible

9. Sun Joe SPX3500 Electric Pressure Washer

This is another great device from Sun Joe, a brand known to create great tools and innovative equipment. The Sun Joe SPX3500 comes with a 13amp motor that delivers commendable cleaning power of 2300psi at 1.48GPM. There is a 40-6 ounce detergent tank onboard that you can use with the soap nozzle, from the 5 set of nozzle tips that comes with this washer.

It features a 20-foot high-pressure hose as well as a 34-inches spray wand, and a 35-ft power extension cord. All these help you to clean different surfaces, including those hard-to-reach areas. The complete system is compact and mounted on an easy-to-glide cart with wheels that can go to where the gunk is.

This pressure washer is designed to clean tar, caked gunk, dirt, birds dropping, mud, and any other grime on car surfaces, patio, decks, driveways, etc. thanks to the 5 easy-to-attach nozzles that deliver spray pressure of 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 25 degrees, and 40 degrees. It also has an onboard detergent tank that you can use with a soap nozzle for washing windows and cars.


  • Has excellent cleaning power that can handle different surfaces
  • Easy-glide wheels that make maneuverability easier
  • Can clean hard to reach areas thanks to its extended power cord
  • Massive detergent tank with a soap nozzle


  • Hose connectors tend to leak after sometime

10. Greenworks 1500 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Do you want an affordable, efficient, and easy to use a pressure washer that can help with cleaning dirt and grime from your car and surfaces? This electric pressure washer from Greenworks fits the bill. With a water jet pressure of up to 1500PSI and a flow rate of up to 1.2GPM, this machine is ideal for household cleaning in cars, patios, kitchens, and decks.

This cleaner allows for vertical and horizontal manipulation during cleaning. It is easy to carry around and thus can do a thorough job. With two quick nozzle tips- 25-degree nozzle tip and 40-degree nozzle tip, you can effectively clean different surfaces by regulating spray pressure and jet patterns.

For people who want to clean higher areas, this pressure washer comes with a 20ft high-pressure hose. The hose has an M22 threaded twist for durability and maneuverability. This washer also comes with a soap applicator, which functions synchronously with the water spray.


  • It is lightweight and compact for easy transportation during cleaning
  • Comes with an integrated soap applicator for better cleaning
  • Can be maneuvered easily thanks to the 35ft power cord
  • Features 20ft hose to allow for cleaning of elevated surfaces


  • Not quality enough

Those are the top 10 best pressure washers for car detailing 2022. To help you fine-tune your choice, here are more tips.

Important Features of Pressure Washer

Although all the pressure washers we have reviewed here are great and worth the money, not all will suit your needs. There are several cool features you might want to consider. Here are the important features you should look for in a pressure washer;

Versatility: A pressure washer should handle different purposes including washing cars and garages. That’s why you should get one with an onboard detergent tank to help you create a soapy solution on your vehicle, thereby simplifying the process of cleaning your car.

Cord and tool storage: While this should not be a deal-breaker, getting a power washer with a storage compartment will be ideal as it will help you keep things organized. You will be able to keep your tools, accessories, and power cord in one place for easy storage.

Adjustable nozzles: This allows you to choose the amount of pressure to use on different tasks. Getting a power washer with adjustable nozzles saves you the hassles of having to replace the nozzles every time you want to adjust the pressure.

Adjustable wands: Just like nozzles, having adjustable wands can offer more versatility to your power washer.

Safety features: The best pressure washer for car detailing should have thermal relief and unloaders to help you manage thermal build-up in your unit. These two features also help to mitigate the problems caused by your power washer having excessive pressure buildup.

Types of Pressure Washers for Cars

There are mainly two major categories of pressure washers;

According to the source of power;

In this category, there are three types of pressure washers;

  • Electric motor. Just as the name describes, this is powered by electricity and is mainly used for light-duty tasks. This is mainly ideal for home use.
  • Gas engine. This is generally used for medium and heavy-duty applications. It can be ideal for home or commercial purposes.
  • Diesel engine. This is almost similar to the gas engines and is mainly used in an outdoor environment only.
  • Hydraulic pressure. This is mainly used for farming purposes.

According to Functional Capacity

  • Light-use pressure washer. These pressure washers are mainly ideal for home purposes such as cleaning outdoor toys, motorbikes, small cars, and garden tools.
  • Medium-use pressure washer. This pressure washer is ideal for tasks such as washing cars, small boats, wooden fences, etc.
  • Heavy-duty pressure washer. These are mainly designed for cleaning large surfaces such as minibusses, large vehicles, driveways, large boats, patios, exterior walls, etc.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Electric Pressure Washer For Car Detailing

There are several things you need to consider before you buy the best pressure washer for car detailing;

Decide your working area: Before you embark on buying a pressure cooker, you should first determine where you want to use it. If you intend to use it at home, then you should go for a pressure washer designed for residential use as they are less powerful. If you want to use it commercially to do some heavy-duty cleaning, then you should go for one designed for commercial purposes. A commercial pressure washer offers more water pressure than a residential pressure washer.

What is meant to be cleaned?: You should know the things you intend to clean with this model. If you have delicate things such as motorcycles and cars, you should not go for pressure washers with extremely higher water pressure. The higher the pressure of water coming out of your device, the more harm it can cause to the surface of your valuable motorcycle or car.

Also, if you often clean grease, oil, and other sticky things, you should go for a hot water pressure washer. To remove paint or clean storied building, you should go for high water pressure. For purposes of this guide, you are looking for a pressure washer designed to clean cars and motorcycles easily. Therefore, you shouldn’t go for those with extremely high pressure.

Electric-powered or gas-powered: You should decide whether you need a gas pressure washer or an electric pressure washer. You must keep in mind that electric pressure washers are cheaper than gas-powered models, but produce less water pressure. On the other hand, a gas-powered pressure washer offers more water pressure but tends to cost more. Gas-powered washers are noisier than electric pressure washers. We will cover more on this in the next sub-section. What you should do is to know what is best for you.

PSI and GPM: These two initials indicate water pressure and water flow. All the pressure washers’ strengths are measured by Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI) and Gallon Per Minute (GPM). The higher the PSI, the higher the water force. Conversely, the higher the GPM, the higher the water flow the device will have. Again, you should decide what you intend to clean, but generally, taking a machine with moderately higher PSI and GPM is ideal for car washing.

Varying nozzle tips: There are different types of nozzle tips and each provides a different flow of water. The nozzle tips start from a 0-degrees jet to a 65-degrees wide-spray fan. You can get one with nozzle tips of 15-degrees, 25-degrees, or 40-degrees depending on the surfaces you intend to clean. There are also those with nozzle tips for soap application. It is important that you go for one with different nozzle tips. Keep in mind that not all pressure washers offer different types of nozzles.

Budget: You should know your budget range first, then look for great pressure washers within your budget range. In this guide, we have reviewed both high-end pressure washers and affordable ones. It is up to you to pick the one you can afford. Keep in mind that gas pressure washers are pricier as compared to their electric pressure washer counterparts.

Warranty: It is also important to look at the warranty offered by a manufacturer as sometimes it can indicate the quality of a machine. Most companies provide sensible warranties, with even others offering to replace the entire unit if there is a manufacturing default. Some have warranties on parts of the units. Most of the units are backed by a one-year warranty, but some companies offer a warranty of up to three years. When you buy a pressure washer, make sure you read the warranty conditions to avoid voiding it.

Purpose: This is one of the last things you should consider since pressure washers can serve several purposes. If you are looking for a pressure washer for a small section of your home or small car, then a light-duty cleaning tool will do the work. However, if you have several SUVs, then this might not be sufficient; you will need a medium-duty tool for this work. And if you have a minibus, you might want to go for a heavy-duty power washer.

Location: If you have a barn, you might need to go for a hydraulic pressure washer. If you are in a congested area, an electric model will suit your needs since it doesn’t result in pollution that may spark an argument.

Source of power: If you want to connect your pressure washer directly to your water tank, then you may want to buy a filter to prevent debris from the water tank to get into your pressure washer pump.

Electric Powered Pressure Washer vs. Gas-Powered Pressure Washer- Which One Should You Choose?

Electric pressure washer vs. gas pressure washer, which one should you buy? Many individuals find themselves in this dilemma. That’s why we are here to help you choose the right one.

In terms of power ratings. When it comes to power ratings, electric washers have a limit of 2000PSI. This means that their power is limited, and thus can only function for its intended purpose. Conversely, gas-powered pressure washer beats the PSI amount of most electric pressure washers. Therefore, for small cars, we can recommend electric pressure washers. A gas-powered pressure washer suits larger cars where pressure is needed to clean higher areas.

Water flow rating; In terms of water flow rating, gas-powered units have an upper hand as well. Electric-pressure washers find it hard to deliver massive pressure as compared to gas pressure washers. With gas-powered pressure washer, you can get even 1.5 GPM, although there are not many units that deliver this amount of GPM. In addition to this, these units have strong engines, functional pumps, brass parts, and are heavy-duty so that they can handle massive water flow.

Practicality. If you want a pressure user that is ideal for indoor use, an electric power washer is a great option as gas-powered ones can be toxic due to the fumes they produce. However, for outdoor usage, gas powered washers are ideal.

In terms of weight, ease of use, maintenance, and dimensions, electric power washers are a great option. They are lighter, smaller, and simple to use. However, they have a limitation as they need to be hooked to an external power socket, which means they cannot be used far away from the socket.

When it comes to durability, gas-powered pressure washers tend to be more durable, and thus you don’t have to worry about replacing stuff often. This is more stable and durable but needs more maintenance as you have to change oil and air filters as opposed to their electric counterparts.

Source of power; one of the distinguishing factors when it comes to these pressure washers is the source of power. A gas-powered pressure washer uses diesel or kerosene to heat up water, while electric units on the other hand use electricity for power.

Obviously, this point makes it more confusing as both the power sources have their pros and cons. However, if you want a pressure washer that you can use in both outdoor and indoor environments, you should get the best electric pressure washer for cars. However, if you need one that you can solely use outside, then both options are applicable.

Overall, both gas-powered and electric pressure cookers do a great job when it comes to cleaning, and thus it is up to you to choose what works best for you.

How to Use a Car Pressure Washer

Everyone cleans their vehicles differently, but when you are using a pressure washer, it is easier and more fun. It is also important to remember the safety precautions to adhere to.

Step 1- Pre-Clean. Before you use any pressure washer on your car, you should always rinse your car from top to bottom. Ensure to take extra care on body trims and lighting area.

Step 2- Apply detergent. You should fill your pressure washer with detergent and spray it onto your car using a wider nozzle setting for full coverage. If you have a soap detergent nozzle tip, use it. Do not remove the soap foam on your car straight away; wait until five minutes for it to soak up all the dirt.

Step 3- Remove dirt. After the soap has soaked up dirt, wipe it away and spray the vehicle using the highest pressure from your machine.

Remember to Observe These Safety Tips When Using a Pressure Washer

Never aim the nozzle at anyone: It is always important to keep the wand pointed to the ground if you are not sure about the strength of pressure to use. Remember that o-degrees nozzle tip colored red can etch out concrete; now imagine the damage it can do to your body. Even if it may not cause visible damage, the pressure can cause internal tissue damage. Therefore, be careful about these units.

Wear protective gear: It is important that you wear protective gear when pressure washing to avoid getting damaged by flying debris. Most of the injuries associated with pressure washers can be prevented by wearing proper gear. Put on your boots, long pants, gloves, hearing protection, and safety glasses.

Don’t use gas-powered washers indoors or in enclosed spaces: Gas-powered pressure washers emit carbon monoxide, which is highly dangerous when inhaled. Carbon monoxide can lead to dizziness, headaches, and nausea. Therefore, use pressure washers in well-ventilated areas. We recommend using electric pressure washers in indoor environments; save gas-powered pressure washers for outdoor environments.

Other safety tips:

  • Always use the right nozzles to avoid damages
  • Be careful when using electric pressure washers as water is a good conductor of electricity
  • Be aware of the surrounding
  • Avoid working at high heights
  • Protect your pressure washer by storing it in a dry, clean environment, free from sparks.


Can one repair the spray nose of a pressure washer after it gets puncture?

No. If your hose gets a puncture, you should get a new one. Most washers produce 2000PSI, which can be difficult to contain with a glued patch or puncture dressing.

Why does my pressure washer nozzle clog?

This is probably because of debris in your pressure washer and often happens when you have connected your pressure washer directly to an external water tank. If your nozzle has clogged, remove the debris and use a filter on your pressure washer to prevent future clogs.

Is it safe to leave the fuel on the washer?

No. Always ensure to drain the gas tank before you store it or put it into the trunk of your car as spills could lead to a potential fire hazard.

Is an electric pressure washer better than a gas pressure washer?

Well, this depends on your location and needs. Gas-powered models tend to be more powerful and more moveable as they are not tethered by an electric cord. On the downside, they require regular maintenance and refueling. They also tend to be noisier, and cannot be used indoors.

Electric-powered units require less maintenance and are quieter. They are light-duty and more affordable. On the downside, their low-cleaning power makes them not ideal for jobs that need more water pressure such as cleaning high walls. However, they are ideal for car cleaning.

Final Thoughts

Buying the best electric pressure washer for car detailing is not a simple job, but it is not straightforward either. You should know your budget and cleaning needs. This way, you will be able to pick the right car pressure washer. All the models we have reviewed here are top-class and great for pressure-cleaning cars and other surfaces. We hope that you have found the right one here!