6 Best Massage Zero Gravity Massage Chair of 2022

One of the most common terms you may encounter when searching for your best massage zero gravity massage chair. While that doesn’t mean you’ll have the ability to float in space, the feel of a weightless massage chair is much closer. Read on to find out more.

Zero gravity is one of the latest features in high-end massage chairs, but it doesn’t come cheap. When it comes to massage chairs what does zero gravity mean? Is it worth the value it commands? We will observe some innovations and review some of the finest massage chairs with zero gravity on the marketplace.

On a zero gravity chair, your body observes a posture with no gravity in it. It carries this out by distributing your body weight evenly over the seat in a slanted form.NASA invented the technology. Astronauts adopt a weightless position during take-off in space missions to prevent the intense stress of sudden gravity from increasing when they escape the Earth’s gravitational pull.

What To Look For In A Best Massage Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Zero gravity massage chairs are high-tech and offer a variety of features. Let’s find out some of the features you keep in mind when purchasing a shiatsu chair.

Type Of Massage

Most massage chairs with zero gravity offer a variety of massages, including shiatsu, rollers, vibration, air compression, and more. If you have a favorite style of massage, make sure the chair you are considering includes it.

Massage Coverage

Most people who buy a chair want a complete massage. The extent of treatment provided by each acupressure chair varies. Some may not reach the feet.

Massage Track

Massage chair rollers generally work on a track. The chair must have a contoured track that lines up with the spine. This feature is called S-track. If you want to opt for it to the next level, look for a zero gravity best massage chair with L-track (sometimes referred to as SL-track); this means the track extends to your buttock and, in some cases, to the hamstrings.


The heat helps relax the muscles and will make the massage more comfortable and practical. Do not assume that all zero gravity chairs have heating.


Almost all zero gravity chairs are intended for a moderately sized individual. It is essential to find a comfortable massage chair for you; otherwise, you will not enjoy the experience.

If you are over 6′, look at our advice on massage chairs for tall people. Also, note that there may be a weight limit for some massage chairs.

You will also need to consider the size of the seat that needs to work. Because these chairs are fully reclined in a zero-gravity position, they can take up more space than other massage chairs. Some are specially designed to save space.


Zero gravity massage chairs come in a wide price range, but they can be expensive with the technology behind today’s advanced massage chairs. However, there are some excellent, more affordable options out there, especially if you don’t need a body scan feature.


Some zero gravity massage chairs require assembly. In most cases, it’s not too complicated. However, if you don’t have a mechanical penchant, you may need to consider bringing in someone to help you assemble the seat if necessary.


Because these chairs are an investment, it’s a good idea to make sure you have some warranty if something goes wrong.

Here Is The List of The Top 6 Best Massage Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The table below summarizes the best massage shiatsu zero gravity massage chair reviews. Following the table, you will find a more detailed analysis of each. Please note that zero gravity full body massage chairs are trendy, and there is currently a high demand for home massage chairs. Unfortunately, these chairs can run out from time to time.

1.OWAYS Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

The Always Complete Massage Chair is the world’s best full body massage chair under $300. Use sophisticated technology to analyze your body shape. Using this data, it offers multi-roller massages, inflates airbags, heats up to 45 (113 ℉), and robotic hands.

This Shiatsu massage chair accounts for a simulated professional massage using 3D robotic hands and 24 airbags. It also allows you to select from three stages in the best massage chair zero gravity: initial, comfortable and deep.

This 3d zero gravity massage chair can automatically scan your body data to adjust your massage points and achieve a personalized fit. SL Track is more significant than many similar products. It offers a broader range of massages so that touching, kneading, tapping, clapping, rolling, shiatsu, and other massage modes can relax the entire body.

Try the Tuina massage with airbags covering the shoulders, arms, hips, calves, and legs with the chair. If you prefer, you can combine a Thai-style massage with another technique. The waist massage function of the massage chair will help you relax your muscles when you reach the age of 45.

A small space area is required for the Ugears massage chair because you only need about 2 inches between the massage chair and the wall. It is equipped with surround sound equipment and can be easily connected to a cell phone via Bluetooth. Music can develop a more relaxed atmosphere for the massage.

Product Features:

The feeling of weightlessness: With the seat’s reclined position, the user is positioned so that the center of gravity shifts towards the body’s center. This change usually allows the body to relax with the heart placed under the user’s feet and the pressure around the spine and other bony joints to relax. The shape of the chair makes the user sink in and feel quickly.

Smart scan: Imagine a chair that can automatically scan your body, and you know which parts are the tensest to automatically adjust the focal points and duration of the massage. This feature makes this machine more comparable to a real masseuse, which targets different body parts depending on the client.

Surrounded coverage: This chair completely covers the user, allowing them to experience a full massage with airbags and vital body parts, such as shoulders, hands, and arms, on the top and bottom back, calves, and legs. It also saves space with the SL strap, which makes it perfect for home massages.

Different techniques: The chair uses several techniques to ensure that the customer is getting the best of the best. These techniques include kneading, knocking, tapping, shiatsu, and more. The seat in contact with the lower back is heated up to 45 for a high experience.

This seat has a 12-month warranty. If you have any problem with your Ugears massage chair, don’t hesitate to contact customer service, and they will endeavor to resolve the issue within 12 hours. You can also return the massage chair within 30 days for a full refund.


  • The seat has the best massage 2d zero gravity compact massage chair adjustment to relieve weight and pressure.
  • Use a smart body scan to personalize your body massage.
  • Uses a variety of massage techniques, including air massage, rollers, and Thai stretching.
  • The seat has integrated Bluetooth speakers.
  • Includes a one-year warranty.


  • Instructions can be complicated and confusing.
  • Air massage may be too intense for some users.

2. Real Relax affordable Full Body Massage Chair

It is the best zero gravity massage chair under $1000 in terms of reliability and the number of features. The new Real Relax 2020 model is equipped with six programmed functions and Bluetooth. Although some individuals think the shoulder-rubbing is too frail compared to the foot guards which are very solid, the consensus is that, in lieu of the cost, this chair is a great buy.

As with most cheaper models, a $150-200 shipping charge applies for the replacement, but overall, customer service is good, and the seat is more reliable than other seats in its class.

Product Features:

6 Automatic Programs: The chair has six automatic programs that use different techniques to help you relax and unwind from the most common ailments.

Heating of the back and legs: Heating pads on the lower back and legs help relieve tension and promote circulation to increase the speed of healing.

Foot massage: Foot massage includes rollers and airbags for complete relaxation. The footrests are also extendable for individua with longer legs.

Easy to assemble, use and move: The chair is easy to assemble, although the manual is not the best. The Control panel is just as easy to use, with adjustable timer and intensity functions. And the practical casters on the back of the base make it easy to move the seat.

Zero gravity and manual recline: Like most state-of-the-art seats, the seat is equipped with a zero-gravity function, and even if the seat is not connected to an electrical outlet, it can be used as a recliner.


  • Good range of quality features
  • Good customer service
  • Easy to use


  • Not suitable for that height above 6’1″

3. Kahuna LM-6800S Zero Gravity Massage Chair

For the price on Amazon, you won’t find a zero gravity chair massage that has all of the same features as the Kahuna LM 6800. While this cost-effective chair’s wheels for the feet and calves can be painful, this chair comes with additional padding. And if it’s not adequate, you can always add some extra liner or fabric to make it less rough.

That being said, the LM 6800 has all the hallmarks of a high-quality chair, even though it doesn’t have the same level of skill, including body scan, zero gravity, and even arm massaging. It is one of the cheapest (but reliable) L-track chairs, with five different massage techniques and three-speed and intensity settings on other individual areas of the body.

Product Features:

L-track: The L-track uses a four-roller massage system to relieve back and buttock pain, relieving lower back pain and even some forms of sciatica.

Zero Gravity Space Saving: Space-saving technology only requires 3″ of wall space for the three different zero gravity positions. Zero gravity is the most efficient position to take advantage of a massage.

Two Foot Rollers: Few inexpensive chairs include a leg and foot massage, but the LM 6800 does. While the intensity of the double roller may be a bit excessive for some, this is easily solved by adding an extra layer of padding.

Computerized Body Scan: Although this is a cheaper model, it comes with a full-body scan to make sure you get a message that’s right for your size and shape.

Five manual massage techniques: The technique includes kneading, rolling, tapping, shiatsu, and a kneading/tapping combination, giving you a wide variety of options to choose from and getting the massage that best suits your needs.

Six automatic programs: this chair offers a varied program, including the Yoga-Stretching program, which increases circulation and revitalizes the body with a series of stretches and massages. The SH-Chiro program combines shiatsu and chiropractic techniques to relieve stress and tension in the spine.

Warm-up therapy: Relieves pain in the lower back and legs

Personal Adjustment Options: Roller speed and intensity of air cell massage can be set to three different levels. In contrast, massages can be directed to particular areas, including the upper back, lower back, whole back, lower bodyside, lower back, and body.


  • Cost-effective
  • It has all the main functions of high-end seats.
  • Space-saving


  • Not suitable for tall/heavy people

4.SMAGREHO Electric affordable Shiatsu Massage Chair

A zero gravity chair with an excellent build to relieve stress and back pain by elevating the legs above the heart is equipped with a complete massage airbag. The airbags are positioned under the shoulders, buttocks, arms, and neck, as well as eight massage rollers inside the backrest. Also, the roller massage system and spa massage provide relaxation for the whole body.

Product Feature:

Bluetooth player: A notable feature of this elegant massage chair is the Bluetooth player, which allows you to connect your smartphone to immerse in your favorite music with massage therapy. The material used in the manufacture is high-quality synthetic leather, which does not damage the skin.

Roller: The massage roller on the sole stimulates the reflection of each part to smooth the blood circulation for a better massage.

Footrest Extension: You can easily extend the footrest up to 5 inches according to your needs. This chair is an excellent choice for your bedroom, living room, office, and balcony. Additional remarkable features consist of six pre-set automatic modes and three levels of the airbag and rear roller massage, a concentrated weight size 300lbs


  • Full body airbag massage
  • It comes with a Bluetooth music player
  • Extendable footrest
  • Offers therapeutic massage
  • Affordable


  • Heat therapy needs to be improved

5.FR-6KSL Full Body Massage Chair Zero Gravity

The Forever Rest FR-6KSL 3D massage chair is the best budget. Use a reflex, which offers full-body massages. Use a combination of sophisticated rollers, heat, airbags, and 3D pressure massage to cover all areas.

You can choose one of the eight pre-sets or customize it with the manual massage mode. This setting allows you to select one of six types of massage and focus on different parts of the body. With five different intensity modes, it can be adjusted to your comfort level.

One of the outstanding functions of this chair is the zero gravity mode. The chair reclines backward and lightens your body, allowing you to immerse yourself deeply in relaxation. Provides heat at the same time to reduce stress on the back and spine.

All in all, this 3D massage chair is an affordable investment for a complete treatment.

Product Features:

The FR-6KSL features an ultra-thin and silently humanized intelligent quadruple mechanism in an SL-track frame. The FR-6KsL has the latest structure designed for the best massage for the neck, back, waist, shoulders, and buttocks.

Body scan: Smart 3D Body Detect Scan with fine adjustment offers the perfect personalized message for users of different sizes.

True One Button Touch Zero Gravity: The chair will put you in a zero-gravity position at the push of a button, relaxing you while placing your body in a balanced and weightless position.

Acupuncture massage with full-body airbags: Multi-layered airbags complete the massage experience by applying air pressure to the shoulders, arms, hands, feet, and calves with five intensity levels to choose from.

BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS: Built-in wireless Bluetooth speakers to enjoy your favorite relaxing or happy music, spiritual reading, or audiobook.


  • It is more convenient than other 3D massage chairs.
  • Use the rollers all over your body from neck to buttocks.
  • It has six different massage types and eight pre-sets.
  • It has the best massage intelligent cloud 2d zero gravity massage chair mode.
  • Includes airbag, heat, rollers, and Shiatsu acupressure massage.
  • The seat includes Bluetooth speakers.


  • The pressure may be too high during foot massages.

6. OSAKI OS-4000LS Zero Gravity Heated Massage Chair

This massage shiatsu zero gravity massage chair allows the rollers to initiate torsion neck therapy, then curl under the buttocks to the lower thighs. It has 24 airbag compression massages as well as an innovative adjustable shoulder massage. You can save space with its space-saving technology.

Product Feature:

Heat therapy: Another great feature of this zero gravity massage chair is lumbar heat therapy. There are individual heating pads on either side of the lower lumbar area. Heat therapy is a perfect way to improve blood circulation and relax tight muscles. Plus, the adaptable footrest leeway allows you to tailor the extension to your needs.

Other fantastic features include a USB charging station, remote control, and four-hand massages, as well as dual-action massage and body scan technology, a concentrated weight size of 300 lbs


  • Multipurpose massage chair
  • Adjustable shoulder massage
  • Body scanning technology
  • Adaptable footrest leeway
  • Space-friendly design
  • This is the best massage ultra-luxury zero gravity massage chair.


  • The remote control may generate noise

The Advantages Of The Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Relieving the pressure of gravity on the body can make a big difference, even short. Here are some of the advantages you may notice when using the best zero gravity massage chairs:

  • Improved blood circulation by raising the legs above the heart. It can help reduce swelling in the legs and prevent varicose veins.
  • Less back and neck pain thanks to the reduction of gravitational stress on the vertebrae.
  • By reducing the pressure on your body, you will feel more relaxed, and it may be easier to receive a more intense massage.

Remember that regular massage chairs with zero gravity can bring you many benefits, such as better mood, better sleep, increased flexibility, etc.

Types of Massage Chairs

Here are the various types of massage chairs near me available, so you can start refining your search:


The most contemporary type of massage chair is the recliner. Usually, a low-cost option compared to a zero gravity chair, a comfortable chair with massage functions to fit well in any home.


Inspired by space travel, the Zero Gravity recliners are designed to relieve pressure on the legs and back and distribute weight evenly for everyday pain relief.


A full-body massage chair takes care of the whole body, usually requiring the user to provide total relief.

It is generally a more expensive product because it claims to be the closest to a human massage.


If you prefer a deeper level of traditional style, you can choose a matching ottoman. This is a chair with a separate footrest, both with massage rollers and airbags.


If you don’t have the budget for a massage chair or have free space, you can make one yourself with a chair cushion.

The seat cushions can be attached to your favorite chair or used when sitting on the bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What describes a zero gravity chair?

A massage chair with zero gravity is equipped with a movable footrest that can lift the knee above the heart, distributing the weight evenly and creating a feeling of comfort. The chairs are also equipped with other functions, such as body scanning technology, pre-programmed massages, and heat therapy.

How does zero gravity help?

Using a zero gravity massage chair reduces pressure on the spine, helping to relax the neck and back muscles. Zero gravity chair improves circulation, reduces back pain, and relieves symptoms of arthritis and varicose veins.

What is the cost of a zero gravity massage chair?

A superior zero gravity chair can range from $1,599 and more. Be wary of the “low-priced” shiatsu chair: an inexpensive price can lead to expensive repairs sooner than you expect.

Where can I purchase a zero gravity massage chair?

Zero gravity massage chairs are available in physical stores and online retailers. Before buying, it is recommended to make an appointment with a massage chair specialist to guide you to the ideal massage chair. Many online retailers possess showrooms where you can try out a massage chair before purchasing it.


Having to rest after a long day at work is just one of the significant advantages of owning a massage chair. And before you ask, yes, you deserve a massage, even if you don’t feel hopeless! Regular personal care is essential for a balanced life, so why not invest in yourself? Get the one best massage zero gravity massage chair from this list today.