Best Office Chair For Neck And Shoulder Pain In 2022

There are plenty of reasons people experience neck pain and backaches at work, and one of the causes is the office chair. A chair that is poorly positioned or lacks a headrest can add a lot of stress to the cervical spine, and this leads to neck pain. If you are looking for the best office chair for neck and shoulder pain, you will realize that there are numerous brands on the market making such chairs and each claims that they are the best.

The large number of brands making these chairs can get overwhelming. That’s why we have taken the time to analyze the market, and we have come up with the top 10 office chairs that will help ease pressure on your neck. In this guide, you will find how different chairs help to ease pressure on your neck and back.

What To Look For In An Office Chair for Neck Pain?

To prevent neck pain, you just need to maintain a good posture. As such, the key features you should look for in the best office chair for neck and back pain are those that encourage the correct sitting position

Head and neck support:

For head and neck support, there are two types of support you get;

  • Fixed headrest. Found on most executive office chairs, you get a protruding pillow that can be comfortable, as long as it is the correct height.
  • The 2nd type is the articulated headrest that is curved and shaped to conform to your cervical spine. For people who already have neck pain, it is best to go for a chair with an articulated headrest that is at least has height adjustability features.

Lumbar support:

The lower part of your spine tends to curve inwards when you sit, and the lumbar support should fill the back between the spine and the backrest to prevent slouching that can cause forward head posture.

Therefore, look for a chair that offers good lumbar support to prevent postural issues that can cause neck pain and back pain. If you get one with dynamic lumbar support as it automatically adjusts to the depth and firmness of your body depending on your sitting position. A lumbar support depth of 0.6 inches to 2 inches is sufficient for most people.

Adjustable armrest:

When it comes to preventing neck pain, the armrests are often the last things people think of. However, poor arm support can lead to shoulder pain, which can extend to your neck.

Get a chair with an adjustable armrest (2D height adjustment).

Robust seat height:

This is another feature you should consider when buying an office chair for neck pain. When your desk is too high, you tend to move your shoulders up and raise your wrists, forearms, and hands to reach the right height. If you stay in this position for too long, you can strain your neck. The same applies to when the desk is too low. Therefore, go for an office chair with adjustable seat height.

Features of office chair for neck and shoulder pain

Unlike the standard or traditional chair, the best office chair has several features;

  • Seat height adjustment: An office chair should have an ergonomic design and have an adjustable seat height. This means that it should contain features that make it easier for one to shorten or lengthen the height to suit different people’s heights. An office chair should have a seat height that allows you to place your knees above your hips. In other words, your legs should comfortably rest on the floor.
  • Seat slide: This feature allows for adjustment of seat depth so as to support blood flow. Adjusting the seat to a specific depth to allow your legs to settle in a comfortable way can help prevent vein thrombosis, a condition normally caused by poor blood flow to your legs.
  • Backrest height adjustment: You should be able to adjust your backrest and move it in different directions to offer optimum support to your back. This allows you to be relaxed and reduce strain on your spine.
  • Back angle adjustment: The best office chair should have back angle adjustment features to allow you to change your back angles several times. This helps to prevent you from assuming the same posture for a long time, which is known to put pressure on your spine.
  • Arm support adjustments: Your arms should be at a comfortable height. An ergonomic office chair should offer adjustment features that allow you to lower or raise arm support.
  • Quality materials: Finally, the best office chair should be made of quality material, preferably leather.

Best Office Chair For Neck And Shoulder Pain Reviews

With these factors in mind, you can choose the right chair for your needs. Here are the top 10 best office chairs for back and neck pain you can consider;

1. Homall Gaming Office Chair

This chair from Homall offers excellent support for spine health and could add a sense of style to any work environment. For people who are dealing with neck or back pains, this Homall chair ensures that you maintain a good posture and encourages a good sitting position.

This ergonomic chair comes with a fixed headrest that can span the width of the entire backrest. The headrest is designed to provide comfort to your cervical spine, which is vital for people with neck pain. As with most executive office chairs, it comes with a built-n lumbar cushion that feels comfy.

Also, the chair can recline from 90 to 180 degrees. In short, you can even take taps in between sessions, making it an excellent option for gamers. The padding feels great, and you can lock into position at an ideal angle.

The chair weighs about 57 pounds, which shows that it’s built using sturdy materials. It features high-quality PU leather that makes it resistant to wear and tear. Also, synthetic leather is easy to clean by wiping, and it won’t easily absorb sweat and oil. The Homall gaming chair has also been built with durable metal frames that should last. This chair can hold people up to 300 pounds.

Another great benefit of this chair is you get to enjoy the sense of weightlessness. Thanks to the 360 degrees swivel, you can achieve a precise sitting position that you like. The chair offers great features at a reasonable price tag. The company offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with it.


  • Offers great head and lumbar support
  • It comes with a convenient lock system.
  •  Easy to assemble


  • Not suitable for people heavier than 300 pounds

2.AmazonBasics Classic Mid-Back Office Chair

The AmazonBasics black mesh chair is a budget-friendly chair built for comfort and durability. Plus, the sleek design will surely add more sense of style to your workplace. The cover is a black bonded leather on top of a thick padded seat for comfort.

The AmazonBasics Mid-Back features a contoured back to ensure great support for the spine. What’s more, you can adjust the chair according to your working requirements. The chair lets you raise or lower the seat or tilt back and forth. Just use the control knob to do all this.

All the chair parts come in a compartment with all the tools you need to assemble. Although extra hands are helpful, this chair is easy to put together in a few minutes. There is a provided manual to take you through joining as well as how to adjust different controls.

It comes with dimensions of 40 inches high, 35.6 inches wide, and 24 inches deep. In terms of load capacity, this chair is designed to hold up to 225 pounds. The model also swivels to a full 360 degrees and comes with dual-caster wheels to ensure easier maneuverability.

The chair comes with a 1-year warranty and is available in black, white, and brown to match with most office decors. It is designed to fit in business offices, home offices, or co-working spaces. The chair is well padded for comfort, and the seating area is convenient for anyone.

It also has dual-armrests even though they could have added more cushioning on them. This may not be large enough for tall people, but others should find it worth its price.


  • It’s padded to ensure a high degree of comfort and support.
  • It ensures convenient mobility, thanks to the dual-wheel casters.
  • It has a solid build.


  • The armrests could be cushier

3. RESPAWN 110 Reclining Ergonomic Chair

Are you a gamer looking for an ergonomic gaming chair to enhance your experience? You don’t need to spend too much to get a quality one. RESPAWN 110 Reclining gaming chair is cost-saving and delivers all the comfort you deserve in one pack. This chair comes with lift levers and tilts located beneath the chair on the right. To find your optimal position, you need to adjust using the lift levers by raising and lowering to a position that boosts your comfort.

The chair can recline between 90-155 degrees with infinite locking positions to suit your turning angle and position. Besides, the reclining chair has segmented padded armrests to give contoured support, especially for gamers. For taller users, this model comes with longer armrests for comfort.

It is fitted with a head pillow and an adjustable lumbar to keep your spine inclined when gaming or working for longer hours. As a rest, it is best suited for people with back or neck pain. Your legs are not completely left out as the racing style ergonomic chair has an extended footrest to give you all the comfort, boosting productivity and enhancing your watching experience.

Worried about the quality of this product? You can rest easy as the footrest leather chair comes with a lifetime warranty, which covers material defects. This is evident as many reviewers confirmed replacement from RESPAWN when issues of chairs or parts appeared in the orders they originally made.


  • The race car design enhances concentration.
  • It has a high level of comfort.
  • The 4D adjustability gives an optimal position.


  • A few customers reported that the glue fixing on the bonded leather tends to come off with time.

4. Flash Furniture Desk Chair

Flash Furniture Mid-Back office chair is yet another budget-friendly option that offers some great features. It is perfect for those who use standing desks or high work tables because it offers a high seat, a foot string, and flip-up arms. You can adjust the height from 24 to 32 inches so it can work with the most elevated workspaces.

For most people, this chair is comfortable when you need to sit for long periods. The mid-back is curved with a mesh that offers support to your middle and upper back. The mesh material used is breathable to encourage airflow, something you don’t find in leather chairs.

The model has a tilt feature for the back and the seat tilts to enable you to achieve different positions. The knob also helps you to adjust the tension, and you can also lock the chair in a particular position. The chair offers a 360-degree swivel to help you turn effortlessly.

The Flash Furniture Mid-back comes with padded armrests with a flip-up function when you don’t need them for engaging tasks. The sturdy nylon base features dual casters that allow you to move smoothly.

The waterfall seat design ensures that ensures proper circulation by taking pressure off your legs. Most people are satisfied with rounded edges that soothe the back of their legs. The weight capacity is 250 pounds, which might be enough for you. The build construction of this chair feels sturdy, without being too heavy as well. It’s an excellent choice for the hot summers as it offers better airflow behind your back. It has limited adjustments but is a good investment for its price.


  • It has a durable mesh to provide support and improve air circulation
  • It’s an affordable option
  • Offers a high seat range of 32 inches
  • It has foldable armrests to save space
  • Easy to assemble


  • It lacks vital adjustments such as lumbar support adjustment

5. Furmax Office Mid Back Chair

For those who need a chair that offers convenient adjustments, this mid-back chair provides 90 to 180 degrees of backward movement. This allows you to sit in your most preferred position or even take naps when you feel like it. Its seat is wide and padded to relieve pressure points that come as a result of sitting for too long.

There is a backrest that offers superb lumbar and head support. The lumbar support hugs your torso and ensures that you sit in the right posture. With adjustable back support, you can enjoy endless hours of working or playing computer games. This office chair provides a wide seat and backrest suitable for taller users.

The chair features a modern and beautiful design that could look catchy in any office. The leather cover has been stitched with a ribbed design that looks more stylish. The seat has 3.5 inches of thick padding plus a 2-inch backrest so you won’t have to deal with back pain anymore.

This chair can hold up to 265 pounds and comes with a gas lift that enables you to adjust the height between 15.7 inches to 19.5 inches. In case you are looking for mobility, this chair comes with casters that won’t damage the floor. The armrests can be flipped up, which is a great space saver when the chair is not in use.


  • It features a great ergonomic design with adjustable lumbar support and up to 180 degrees back movement
  • It looks sleek and modern with a few colors to choose from
  • It is easy to assemble using the included manual
  • Offers excellent cushioning for comfort


  • The armrest is not adjustable

6.AmazonBasics Executive Office Desk Chair

Do you want a comfortable office chair that will get you through your day? Then this high-back executive chair by AmazonBasics does not offer sleek and professional style, but also the ultimate support that your back needs for all-day comfort.

It is fully adjustable and ideal for personalized comfort. Featuring adjustable settings, a butterfly seat plate, as well as curved contours, this seat can offer you sophisticated back support and ensure your body aligns properly. You can adjust the seat height and also control the tilt of the chair. A tilt-tension knob positioned underneath the seat makes it easier to adjust the tilt of the chair.

It is made from bonded leather and PVC to create a smooth, supple finish. The padded seat cushion and contoured back cushion give it an executive look. It also has a 360-degree swivel to offer a range of motion. This allows for multi-tasking convenience. This seat also features durable nylon casters that allow for smooth-rolling movement from one area to another.


  • It is comfortable and classy
  • A padded seat and contoured back give you comfort and support all week
  • Can handle people of varying weight
  • Has BIFMA certification
  • Features inflated seat-height adjustment


  • Its upholstery is not as quality as it should be

7. GT RACING Gaming Chair Fabric

This is another best office chair for neck pain you can consider. It features a multi-functional design, which means that it can suit people of different body shapes, including those with wide shoulders. Regardless of whether you are tall, short, skinny, or overweight, you should be able to enjoy the comfort this chair offers without issues. However, a closer look at the ergonomic features of this chair will indicate that it was designed with larger folks in mind.

The material used to make the frame of this gaming chair, which can double as an office chair, is metallic with some PVC parts. This makes it easier to clean the dirt on its frame. Also, the leather used to cover the cushioning is soft and quality. You cannot easily rip the chair. What’s more, it features a breathable mesh for air circulation and to avoid overheating.

With ample headrest cushioning and lower lumbar support, you can work all day while sitting or resting on this chair without getting any signs of neck pain or back pain. It has a wide range of applications ranging from studying, working, and gaming. Its smoothing-rolling casters make it easier for one to move from one area to another.


  • Great headrest and lumbar support
  • Premium quality material for durability
  • Ergonomic design to promote a comfortable seating position
  • Multifunctional as you can adjust both the seat height and armrest


  • The tilt function calls for some work; you cannot adjust it while seated

8. OFM Leather Chair

Whether you need gaming, working, or studying chair that has all the customization and adjustment abilities you can think of, this bonded leather chair is the perfect one. The smooth, quality leather accents give it a professional look, while the customizable features it offers to give you comfort all day.

This chair has contoured padding, padded arms, as well an integrated padded headrest, to provide you with all the comfort and support you need in the office. Upholstered in soft bonded leather as well as a sleek grey mesh with black stitching for a cool feel and aggressive style, you can rest assured that this chair will elevate your working desk and make it look modernized.

This gaming-style office chair features seat height adjustment, flip-up arms, as well as center-tilt control for comfort. It also features 360 degrees of swivel. The segmented back design and padded seat offer comfort all day long. What’s more, the flip-up arms allow you to conveniently move them out of your way when you want to stand while their padded nature allows your hands to rest comfortably. The center-tilt control allows you to recline your seat to different angles for greater comfort.


  • It provides the luxury and support you need to work comfortably
  • The contoured segmented padding, as well as padded arms, offers more comfort
  • Adjustable features for extra comfort
  • Premium material for durability


  • The cushioning is not of the best quality

9. Office Chair by BestOffice

This unique gaming and office chair has a thick cushion and a unique appearance as well as an ergonomic back and armrest that can support you for a long period of time as you work. You can adjust the backrest from a 90 degrees angle to a 155 degrees angle. This means working and resting on this chair is possible.

This office chair features a high-density sponge cushion, breathable quality leather, flexible fashionable upholstery, as well as beautifully designed pads for elegance and comfort. It is fully adjustable and easy to tilt up and down thanks to the pneumatic control handle. You can lower the seat to your desired height and also tilt the seatback to the inclining angle you desire.

Features commercial gas lift for fast up and down movement as well as convenience. What’s more, it features a 360-degrees swivel for multitasking convenience and casters that can move in any way for smooth-rolling mobility from one area to another.


  • It is easy to set up
  • Offers extra comfort thanks to the footrest
  • It is uniquely designed and has a thick cushion for maximum support
  • A multi-purpose office chair that can also be used for gaming
  • Has ergonomic construction to suit different body shapes


  • The cushioning could be made better

10. Homall Computer Office

If you want to maximize your performance, you need to get a comfortable office chair that offers lumbar support and an armrest area. And this gaming and office chair from Homall fits the bill. This is one of the least expensive office chairs on this list, but don’t let the price fool you as it offers great quality. Coming in 5 different colors, you can choose whichever color complements your office interior.

The sides of this seat envelop the user and the ergonomic design offers extra support to your back and spine and thus eliminating the discomfort that comes with sitting for extended periods. The adjustable lumbar support, as well as headrest cushioning, add to its comfort.

The Homall gaming chair also allows for one to rock back and forth, and features a tilt limiter if you want to disable this feature. This chair allows for reclining up to 180 degrees, and thus you can lie flat and relax. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow for armrest adjustment, but the product is very sturdy. The outer cover is made of PU leather, which is spill-resistant and quality.


  • 360-degree swivel for smooth working
  • Footrest to allow for more sitting positions
  • Has a sturdy base thanks to the metallic frame
  • Suitable for office, studying, and gaming needs


  • Lacks adjustable armrest

If after reading our reviews of the best office chair for neck pain you are still confused as to which office chair to pick, we have tips for you.

Difference Between Office Chair for Back and Neck Pain and Ordinary Chair

When shopping for an office chair for back and neck pain, you might be tempted to just pick any chair because they all look similar at first. However, these chairs have their differences.

Here is how they compare;

  • Seat height; normal chair doesn’t have seat height adjustability features, which means that you can adjust the height of the seat. However, an office chair for neck pain has a seat height adjustment ability to allow you to put your feet flat on the floor.
  • Seat width and depth; chair makers create standard chairs that include seat width and depth that is right for an average person. However, when it comes to chairs for neck pain, they should allow you to tilt the seat forward or backward so as to promote a proper posture.
  • Lumbar support. Both normal and ergonomic chairs have lumbar support, but ergonomic office chairs have lumbar support to allow for adjustment.
  • Backrest. The office chair for neck pain has an adjustable backrest for support and comfort while a normal office chair doesn’t offer an adjustable backrest.

How to Choose the Right Best Office Chair for Neck and Shoulder Pain

To help you get the right office chair for your neck, you have to follow a certain procedure. Here is how to buy the right one;

Pay attention to the adjustable parts of the chair:

If you often experience numbness in your legs and rear ends or have neck pain and backaches, then you need a chair with appropriate lumbar support so as to alleviate these issues. Therefore, look for office chairs with good lumbar support that can be raised or lowered to fit your body type. Ensure that the chair’s height can be improved too. Your chair has to be high enough to allow your knees to bend

Pay attention to the surface your chair will sit:

Are you going to place your chair on a carpet? You should go for a chair with rollers that can move over carpets. If you have a hardwood floor and you are concerned that the chair will damage it, you should go for a chair with wheels that are gentle. Are you getting a chair for people with mobility issues? Ensure that the wheels do not move fast so that it doesn’t become hazardous to the user.


If you work in a warm environment or you are sweaty, you should get a chair with a mesh material. Also, go for a chair that has upholstery that is easy to clean.

How much space is available in the office for you:

You should measure your workspace before purchasing an office chair to ensure the arms do not block others. If you are getting a chair for a public office, do not go for one that occupies a lot of surfaces.


Your chair should reflect the type of job you do. If you are an executive, you should look for a chair that looks professional. Don’t go for a chair with fancy features.

Your work habits:

If you need a chair that gets too close to your desk because you do detailed work, then you should consider getting a chair that allows you to remove or adjust the arms. A chair’s arms can keep you from working well on your projects, and thus cause you to lean forward. Therefore, it is important that you go for a chair that has removable or adjustable arms.


What Makes Up the Best Office Chair?

The best office chair has an ergonomic design and is designed to suit a range of people. It features adjustable parts that help enhance maximum comfort when you sit. This chair aims to ensure you assume the correct posture and distribute your weight evenly while you sit.

These chairs are the best for people who spend most of their time sitting in the office. They can help you solve your back and neck problems.

Do these chairs have cushioned neck rest?

Yes. All the office chairs we have reviewed here have different types of neck cushioning.

Can these chairs boost your productivity?

Well, if you have a problem with shoulder pain, backaches, or neck pain, and it causes distractions, then the best office chair for neck and shoulder pain will surely boost your productivity as it will eliminate your neck pain.

Why is an office chair for neck pain pricier than other chairs?

The main thing is that most of these chairs are quality, and they are uniquely designed to help reduce back and neck pain. However, there are chairs for different budgets. You just need to know the one that suits your needs.

Is a comfortable armrest a deal-breaker when looking for chairs meant for neck pain?

Yes. Having a comfortable armrest is part of the solution when you want to reduce back pain. Therefore, do not buy a chair that has no comfortable armrest, especially if you like to relax or get power naps on your chair. Fortunately, all the chairs we have reviewed here have comfortable armrests.

Final Thoughts

Neck pain and backaches are common among people who lead sedentary lives. However, you can prevent this by getting the best office chair for neck and shoulder pain. All the chairs we have reviewed in this guide are great for reducing and preventing neck pain and backaches. We hope that you have found the right chair for your needs and budget. Use our buyer’s guide to know which chair is the right one for you!

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