The Best Outdoor Window Cleaner of 2022

Having a clean environment boosts and pushes us to work to the best of our abilities. While most of us take our sweet time settling on a floor cleaner, we miss out on looking for the best outdoor window cleaner.

Most of us can relate to having the sudden urge to clean everything inside out, at the most random time. This is when even a spot on your window can distract you and keep you from moving forward with your daily schedule.

Besides, the outside of your house matters as much as the inside. That is what gives your neighbors and visitors the first impression of yourself. A clean window, much like a cherry on top of your dessert, finishes up the look of your house.

If you are on the quest to find yourself the best window cleaning tools then this is definitely a piece of written work where you can stop and have a read.

A Complete Buying Guide: The Best Window Cleaner For Outdoor And Indoor

Since we have a beautiful home, it is very important to clean the outside and inside glass of the house and we can follow the following shopping guides for the best window cleaner for outdoor and indoors.


When reading about these products, we found out it takes more effort than just going out to grab a random cleaning kit. Let us imagine that your main concern is the tall window outside facing the patio, you should set your mind on bringing home the best window cleaner for outside windows.

When it comes to the research phase, do not settle on the ordinary. This is where you can explore, buying or not it never hurts to check the functionalities of a high-end automated cleaner. This knowledge can help you find out the tiny similarities and differences between products at various price points.


Similar to a doctor using terms that we are not familiar with, the tech world also uses such terms. Even though we are talking about an everyday cleaning kit and not some spaceship mechanism, you will come across some small words that you may not have known before. It is best to understand their meaning while you are doing your research and remembering them.


In the case of high windows or screens, you need to keep in mind whether the robot cleaner or cleaning kit in question will be able to reach that distance. So before you go searching make sure to measure the windows as well as the height it is at.

You also need to keep in mind that you can attach an extension cord to your robot cleaner if the cable with it cannot reach your desired height. So again, measure everything and jot them down on a notepad to make it easy to remember. You can also make a digital copy and forward them to someone with expertise to help you.

Talk it Out:

Do not limit yourself. Know that anyone with mere experience in this field can help. If you have a friend who owns a robot cleaner, reach out. If there is a shop selling cleaning kits, give them a call.

If you see a page with reviews, read them and you can even send them a message! Ask because it does not hurt to know. It does however hurt your mental peace when you rush to buy a product and then regret your decision.

Price Matters:

There have been multiple instances where a low-priced kit has given better results when compared to a higher-priced cleaning kit. So when comparing kits, check the prices too. Check to see if a higher-priced product is offering as much as the price you are paying.

Do not think that a low budget means a bad product. There are thousands of cleaning kits out there and you are bound to find the best outdoor window and screen cleaner that you have been looking for, no matter what your pocket holds.

Who Should Try Our List?

If you are thinking, “Do I even need a cleaning kit or an automated cleaner?” Here is why if you are on this list, you should absolutely give it a shot.

If you have a hectic schedule – Feel as if you do not have the time to keep your surroundings clean but it is holding you back from being productive? A robot cleaner is a hundred percent worth a trial. If it gives you a boost, then why not, right?

Confused about what to gift a newlywed – When you think of a newlywed couple, you think of new responsibilities and new guests. This could save their back from a lot of pain and agitation while getting their house clean to have guests over. Not to mention it is time-efficient and any extra hands are always welcome during cleaning.

Anyone with high windows – We think having clean high windows should not equal neck and back pain during the entire weekend. Save yourself from all that trouble and trust an automated cleaner to do that job. Your back has suffered enough.

If you have a cleaning obsession – Let us not point fingers here, most of us have been through this where we leave our assignments and clean everything. But what most of us have not experienced is a robot cleaner taking care of the windows by itself while we focus on the rest. Now that would be efficient.

1.DocaPole Cleaning Kit with 24 Foot Extension Pole

Coming in options of three different lengths, the DocaPole first became available in September of 2018. With available colors such as black, silver, and yellow, it offers great solutions in a kit desired by any individual who wants to keep their surroundings clean.

Product Features:

Various Lengths: As mentioned before, the extension pole in the kit comes in three lengths to offer the best options for your high or low ceilings. With the smallest size being 12 feet and ranging up to 24 and 30 feet, the pole itself is telescopic which extracts and squeezes back in for easy storage.

Detachable Heads: With the detachable heads for specific cleaning jobs, it only gets easier for storage. Imagine all the poles you would have had to store in your house, and now imagine having all those options but with less of a mess. Dreams come true for many of us.

Different Tools and Combinations: The heads are not just for show but have functionality. For windows, this kit has got both a microfiber scrubber and squeegee in one, where blades come in 3 separate sizes. The other head is a feather duster which is also microfiber, this makes it easier to remove dust particles while also keeping them from scratching.

A tool that we find necessary in all households with ceiling fans is the chenille ceiling fan duster in this kit. You can mold the duster into your choice of shape according to your fan, and the duster stays put while you clean away. Saves you the need and risk of having to climb a ladder. Lastly, the kit also includes a dome-shaped cobweb duster to clean hard to reach corners.

Why do we recommend this product?

The reviews on this suggest the pole is sturdy and the kit itself is easy to use. For anyone with high windows, this could be the best outdoor glass cleaner with its sturdy and long extension pole.

2. HOBOT-298 Window Cleaner

This automatic robot cleaning device became first available in December of 2018. For anyone caught up in a busy lifestyle, this is the perfect device to have a productive and clean environment that allows you to keep up.

Product Features:

Video Manual: We know how troublesome it can get to read and find our way through an instruction manual, which is why this company’s method of providing a link for a video with a set of instructions is a top-notch solution. The link on the box will lead you to the video tutorial on handling the machine.

Uninterrupted Power Supply: Even in developed countries, there can be instances where the power lines become faulty. This is when devices without UPS are put at risk of damage. The Hobot-298 comes with a built-in UPS so that when it is operated via a cable and your power shuts down, there is no risk of system failure.

Brushless Motor: Using a direct current motor, this machine offers a long-life service as well as low noise. The robot has a washer mop and vacuum installed so you can expect a sparkling clean finish.

Remote Control: With the help of a smartphone application or a physical remote, whichever is your preference, you can control the device from a distance. The machine itself comes with 3 default programs to choose from when you are just starting.

Service Center: For any other troubles, the company runs a service center whom you can always contact. Here you can talk and resolve your issues with only a dial.

Why do we recommend this product?

This is automated, so large surfaces or windows for homeowners that are a little busy, are quite the target for this machine. When reading the mass number of window cleaning robot reviews, this product was found to be one of the popular ones.

3. Sophinique X5 Window Vacuum Cleaner

First available in December of 2019, this is a more recent product out of the ones seen so far.

Product features:

Automated: Sit back and relax while the Sophinique X5 cleans away your high windows with safety. With Bluetooth enabled, the device can be manipulated with the touch of your smartphone. This eliminates the risk of having to climb high on a ladder, or neck and back pain from having to look up for long periods.

Secure: With a vacuum strong enough to hold up to six kilograms of weight, the machine stays in place thanks to the suction. This helps massively when your windows are at a high altitude or if you have kids at home. Coming with a cable that is 7 feet long and a 13 feet extension cord, it just makes the job that much easier.

Customer Service: As seen before, this product also comes with a customer service center that is just a dial away. For any issues or trouble with the product, you can call and ask to find professional solutions.

Why do we recommend this product?

Looking at the reviews, there are quite a lot of positive remarks on how this is the best robotic window cleaner they have owned for the price. It is safe and an excellent choice for high outdoor windows.

4.AlfaBot X6 Automatic Smart Glass/Window Cleaner

Released in March of 2021, this is the most recent product so far on this list. With automated features, this is a top choice for anyone who needs an extra hand for chores.

Product Features:

Comes with Remote: Remotely controllable, this device comes with three default modes to choose from on the remote controller. The two wheels attached to the lower surface of the robot can glide on windows and walls.

Dynamic Suction: With the suction capacity of holding up to eleven pounds, equivalent to five kilograms, the German technology in the vacuum system can provide the safety net that you need.

There is no need to keep your mind occupied with the risk of having the device falling on your valuable items while cleaning vertical windows. The device is also supported by a 4-meter long safety line which gives it an advantage.

Smart Route: Worried that a robot might not be able to clean a window as well as you can? Give this one a shot. With the built-in smart technology, this can distinguish between the glass and the edges while also taking a zig-zag route. This method cleans windows without missing a spot and is also used by professionals. It also comes with a UPS in case of a sudden power failure.

Warranty: The Alfabot X6 comes with a one-year warranty, even more reason to test it out as your primary window cleaning solution. To contact the company you can reach out to their email address.

Why do we recommend this product?

The reviews on this show great demonstrations of how well this product delivers. With a remote controller, you can direct this smart window cleaner in the way you wish and save your back from all the pain.

5. HOBOT-388 Window Glass Cleaner

Being released in January of 2020, this is the more recent Hobot product on this list. Coming in a clean black look, this will disguise itself easily in your home.

Product Features:

Easy Setup: Similar to the second product in this list, this one also includes a link that if followed takes you to a video tutorial on the Hobot-388. Personally, this gives the user a better experience than a paper instruction manual.

Low Noise Motor: The direct current and brushless motor give the device a longer lifetime and the user a low noise environment. It also comes with a nozzle that can spray water on the target area set to clean. The mop however cannot detect rounded edges.

Remote Control: With whichever you prefer, your smartphone application or the remote this device comes with, you can control it from the comfort of your seat. There are three default programs to choose from.

Why do we recommend this product?

Even though this does not work on all types of edges, it is still a great solution if you are looking for an automated cleaning service.

6. Wexbi Smart Window Cleaner Robot Mop with APP

Released in September of 2019, this looks slightly different from the other automated cleaning devices in the list.

Product Features:

Low Noise: Same technology as before, a brushless motor is used here to ensure a peaceful environment for the user and a longer lifetime of the device. With this technology also comes a faster movement that allows the Wexbi W189 to clean with more speed when compared to other robot cleaners on the market.

It is suitable on various surfaces as long as it is flat and leveled evenly, such as tiles, glass, kitchen countertops, etc.

Smart Route: The device takes in the set area and chooses the best route to offer the most effective cleaning job. It can also detect edges, making it a true automatic experience without the customer having to keep an eye out for danger. The 12-meter long extension cable makes the robot clean freely on walls and other high surfaces. A maximum distance of 15 meters is supported by the remote controller to signal to the Wexbi W189.

Anti-fail System: A UPS is built into the device so in case of a sudden power failure the machine can slowly turn off and avoid system damage. The suction caps will give away if the machine is turned off in the middle of a vertical cleaning job, which can lead to a fall and damage to property.

Why do we recommend this product?

Reviews on this product applaud the easy setup and believe this to be the best automatic window cleaner for its price.


Will a robot cleaner be able to stick to my windows?

Yes. The ones on this list come with a suction system that allows the device to clean a high window without the fear of falling. If you read the product descriptions, you will notice a consistent use of UPS being built in. This is to keep those suction systems running even in the case of a sudden power outage so that they do not fail and cause the machine to lose grip.

Can I clean the glass screen in my bathroom with the robot cleaner?

Check what surfaces your device can glide on, this is important. You can also call up the support center and ask. Make sure you are specific with the edges and type of surface. Some robot cleaners cannot detect round edges.

What length is the extension cord?

The various products mentioned here have various lengths of extension cables. You can check the manuals of each. If you have high windows or screens, make sure you measure that distance first and get the right cords. You can also buy yourself an extension cord from the market if you cannot find the right size.

Should I get a robot cleaner? Are they efficient?

The answer to this is up to you. A robot cleaner is perfect for those who cannot safely reach their high windows or those who just cannot find the time to keep their house clean and would love an automated clean-up.

There is a huge market out there and it is guaranteed you can find yourself a robot cleaner that you believe is the best outside window cleaner or the best indoor window cleaner. Do not let suspicion hold you back!

Can a robot cleaner detect a window edge?

This is specific to each company and how automated technology works. Although most can, there are limitations to a few. The HOBOT-388 for example, cannot detect round edges. So when settling on your new automated cleaner, make sure to check what edges your house windows have and if your choice of the device can detect them.

Will the robot cleaner connect via Wi-Fi?

The ones mentioned here do not. Most of these come with their own remote or are connected through Bluetooth and controlled by a mobile application.

Final Verdict

Having a tall outside window might have seemed hard to clean all this time but now will all the information and technology available at our fingertips, it should not take you long before you find yourself the best outdoor window cleaner suited towards you. With all this help and more, there is not a thing stopping you. Just know that the market out there may be vast but at the same time, confusing.

Do not let yourself go lost in the sea of choices. Focus on what you need and most importantly do your research beforehand. Know that there are sellers out there who do not have interest at heart and will put up their best act to rip you off your hard-earned money.

If you have an idea about the features and price ranges, however, it will be hard to trick you. So be cautious but do not be scared. Clean windows, here we come!