How to Install Cordless Faux Wood Blinds

You can never go wrong with wooden blinds. They provide your room with a very simple look. Faux wood blinds are one of the most popular trends surrounding wood blinds. Leave alone faux wood blinds, the cordless faux wood blinds are the most popular. Do you know why? it is because these wood blinds are very simple to operate; with just a click of a button which makes them extremely convenient.

Most often, understanding how to install faux wood blinds is challenging for most homeowners. So, in this article, you will learn how to install faux wood blinds and cordless faux wood blinds in your home! Besides, the article will also explain the types of wood blinds.

How To Install Cordless Faux Wood Blinds

As mentioned earlier, cordless blinds are more convenient than these other blinds; the reason why they are the most popular modern trend.

With other blinds, you have to be physically there to operate them but cordless blinds give you an option of operating them without having to be close to them. Cordless wood blinds are your easy way to go when it comes to the most convenient wood blinds you can ever find.

When it comes to how to install faux wood blinds, consider taking the following steps:

Essential measurements need to be in place. Ensure you have all the necessary measurements in place, including window openings. Ensure you have the right length and width as the window.

Get all components in place. This is the time to install the brackets. Take your bracket, place it on the top corners mark to holes depending on your bracket as well as your judgment. Drill in the holes in the wall to help install your brackets on the wall.

Fix the bracket. Time to fix your bracket! With the help of a screwdriver, fix in the screws in place. Repeat this process on the other brackets.

Install another set of brackets on the blinds. After fixing the brackets, now it is time to install another set of brackets on the blinds. You don’t have to worry about these as they are easy to install; they fix easily on your faux wood blinds.

Install the blinds into the brackets. The purpose of doing this is to hold still on your window. For, this, you will need to use the brackets you have already installed on the blinds. Remember the goal is to connect them seamlessly with the external brackets you initially fixed on your window corners.

If there is an extra piece, it normally goes over the headboard of the blind. It connects seamlessly and keeps other brackets as well as other components in place.

Pull down the blinds. This is the final step in installing cordless faux blinds. There may be a few extra stats that go way past the window, look for ways to cut them off.

What Is Great About Faux Wood Blinds?

As you know, the theme and space of your home should be a deciding factor when choosing faux wood blinds to go for.

What is great about faux wood blinds is that they will bring out the theme you had in mind without bringing any feelings of doubt and most of the time, you won’t tell whether it is made of actual wood or not.

Wood Blinds: Which Materials Do You Need and Why?

Are you thinking about adding shade to your home? Do you want to buy new wood blinds? Well, there are a lot of people like you! Since blinds are very popular, it can be challenging to choose the right one you need among the many varieties existing in the market. No matter how your home is, wood blinds are a great option for you.

Wood blinds can work with a variety of styles, budgets, and colors.  Did you know that they can add a perfect touch to your home design? Well, I guess you know now. Find out the right wood blind that fits your requirements.

Types of Blinds

Blinds have been popular accessories in the U.S. for many centuries. While there have been changes in the trends which come and go, blinds are still stapled in any American home. What are blinds? Perhaps you need to know. They are window accessories that are manufactured with a variety of designs as well as materials.

The main types of blinds include; slat blinds, Venetian blinds, and roman blinds. Venetian blinds are manufactured with horizontal slats. The slats are hung by strips and cords. If you are a fan of plastic, metal, and wooden products, then probably you will love these blinds!

Another type of blind is slat. These are blinds that are made of strips that rotate for them to open. They are designed in a manner that allows them to rotate. This enables sunlight to pass through them. They are made of plastic and metal, and they are the most popular blinds of all time.

Roman blinds look more similar to Venetian blinds but are more modern and trendier. They are flexible, simple to operate, and will give you a good value return in terms of money, time, and effort used.

Why You Need to Go for Wood Blinds

You have seen that there are many varieties of styles for blinds. So, why should you get wooden blinds? Wooden blinds add more design to an already designed home. They are also great at blocking incoming light. They are more suitable for rooms where light control and privacy are valued most.

Types of Wood

The type of wood should be among your top considerations when deciding between blinds. There are two types of wooden blinds:

Hardwood Blinds

As the name suggests, hardwood wood blinds are window coverings made of hardwood slats. The source of wood can be oak, cherry, walnut, or any other tree that can provide hardwood. One good thing about these wood blinds is that they are durable. They are more expensive than faux wood blinds.

Faux Wood

Like hardwood, faux wood is also durable. But did you know some advantages come with faux wood? The fact that its design is more attractive, affordable, and environmentally friendly. With faux wood blinds, you have a chance of picking blinds that fit your budget and meet your aesthetic demands.

It is manufactured by mixing wood pulp and resins. Because the resins are denser, faux wood blinds are much heavier than hardwood blinds. Manufacturers can also use PVC to make wood faux, making them both heat and moisture-resistant. Do you know what this means? You won’t experience any crack or breakage in your faux wood blind if that is your choice.

Another advantage of wood faux is that the materials required to make it are mostly man-made. That doesn’t mean you have to cut down trees. No! These woods are environmentally conscious and therefore don’t require the destruction of healthy trees. Are you looking for a real wood that won’t go beyond the limits of your budget? Wood faux blinds suit you!

The Look

Did you know that wood blinds exist in different styles and colors? This is one of the reasons for its popularity in America and beyond. The fact that wood blinds pair so well with many home designs gives you the flexibility you need for remodeling. You can decide to buy wood blinds in shades that blend in or stand out from the rest of the room. With hardwoods, depending on the type you chose, they can look more neutral or more flamboyant.

Faux wood gives a finished look to your room, providing you with a warm cozy feeling. Faux wood made of just one particular color stands out among those made with different colors. Both faux and hardwood work well with a variety of designs. The right look will depend solely on your personal preferences.


Of course, no homeowner would want to spend most of their precious time doing maintenance-related tasks. This brings us to another reason why wooden blinds are so popular compared to other blinds. They require minimum maintenance. Also, the instructions on how to install faux wood blinds are very easy to master.

You can dust these blinds once a week using a feather duster or a microfiber cloth. This is just enough to get rid of any excess dust.


The above instructions on “how to install faux wood blinds” will help you to seamlessly install your faux wood blinds. Just ensure your toolbox with measuring tape, pencil eraser, and a piece of paper with you. This will help you do your work without being distracted by other activities.

Because all blinds and shades are different, always ensure you check first with your manufacturer retailer before you make any other modifications to the blinds you just bought. And if you think it is challenging to follow the instructions on how to install cordless faux wood blinds, seek expert help. Otherwise, don’t put your new machine at risk if you are doubting yourself.