Decorative Outdoor Faucet Cover Ideas of 2022

If you are looking to glam up your outdoor area and that small but functional faucet cover is getting on your nerves, then a decorative outdoor faucet cover will do the trick for you. It is the smallest thing that often goes unnoticed by people who do not put attention to detail. For others, everything should be cleaned from top to bottom, as well as placed in their proper places.

With such a microscopic lens, it can get frustrating when something is not the way you want it to be. As much as the inside of your house matters when putting off a neat look, the outside of your house matters too. Especially now that the festive season is just around the corner and almost all the houses are going to be full-blown decorated.

Why Use a Decorative Outdoor Faucet Cover?

When most people think of having guests come over, a sense of worry settles in along with thoughts on how these newcomers will perceive them. The tidiness and cleanliness of your home matter just as much as the food and entertainment. As we take our time vacuuming and plating up, who is to have a look at what the outside looks like?

The outside of the house is what welcomes someone to your home first. The passersby, your neighbors, guests, and anyone else laying their eyes on your home is seeing nothing but the outside at first glance. This creates an impression of who you are and your image. And as we all have learned in our lives the first impression matters.

So how does an outdoor faucet cover connect to any of this? Imagine finishing a great piece of art and then having a small drop of color mistakenly fall on it. Would it not annoy you? If it does then you are someone to whom every detail matters. And so does a small faucet cover.

With the festivities coming up at the end of the year such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve, we will be getting very busy very soon. With small preparations every week it can get less stressful for you and prevent you from overworking when throwing parties and decorating your house. As you see in the title, we are going with a very small step in this written piece which is having your faucet cover outdoor decorative.

Christmas decorations usually light up the whole street which invites people to take long drives and see all the different houses. Using An outdoor decorative faucet cover gives you the option to blend everything in according to your theme. Plus, December is the best time to show off your creativity!

Decorative Faucet Cover DIY Ideas

Decorative Faucet Cover DIY Ideas

Know that homemade faucet covers are not the best way to protect your faucet in extremely cold temperatures so we are not making the entire faucet cover from scratch. If you look for faucet cover outdoor decorating ideas on a search engine, you can find some examples while simply searching for faucet cover DIY will only show you homemade faucet covers. Some DIY work to fancy up a store-bought faucet cover in your yard may turn out to be a great creative activity.

So where can you want to start? If you want to go with small steps, a simple DIY trick can be to spray paint your faucet cover with the color of your choice. Quick and easy, requires minimum effort. You can then add on top of this by painting with hand or sticking decorative items such as a ribbon.

The inspiration should come from the theme of the rest of the yard. Taking an idea from the internet may seem like an easy solution but if it does not match your other decorations, then it will still stick out and beat the purpose of decorating. Go with your gut. Practice on an extra faucet cover if you feel like that will help.

Why Not Just Have an Open Faucet?

Seeing the hassle might make you rethink the faucet cover situation. However, let us remind you why you need a faucet cover, especially in the coming cold weather.

With the cold seeping in through the faucet, the warmth of your home can be disturbed. A good rule of thumb in this weather is to block out any areas from where the cold air can come in. Since a faucet is a small opening, it can easily be missed. The faucet usually leads to a garage or a crawling space, so it is best to just close it with a faucet cover.

Something else you will be saving yourself from by using an outdoor water faucet to cover damaged pipes. There is some leftover water stuck in the faucet after you are done using it. In the winter, the cold slowly starts to freeze the water from the outside as the temperature slowly disperses inwards. This turns the water in the inner pipes to freeze and hence expand in shape. The pipe not being flexible enough breaks under the pressure and soon there becomes a pile of repairing job bills.

Another risk includes pests crawling up your outdoor faucet to find warmth and survive. Even though we just discussed how the water inside the spigot can freeze, animals and insects can sense the change in weather sooner than we can. So, they start to pile up on food and look for warm places. Without a faucet cover, these insects may creep inside the faucet and go deep enough to do some severe damage.

You may think that an outdoor faucet decorative covers are great only for the looks but it is also a functioning piece that may save you some serious cash and a lot of trouble. With winter coming up maybe you should plan a trip to get yourself a faucet cover before any of the damage starts taking its course.


What can I use to cover the outdoor faucet?

You can find the popular styrofoam faucet cover at either a grocery store or a hardware store near you. It is a good idea to take a picture of the outdoor faucet to the shop in case you have a different design.

Should I cover outdoor faucets?

As mentioned above, not covering an outdoor faucet, especially in winter, can cost you. The scenarios may seem like hyperbole situations but there are many loyal users of the outdoor faucet cover who will tell you otherwise. It is better to prevent the damage than to take a chance so we suggest that you cover the outdoor faucets.

When should I cover outdoor faucets?

Since winter hits different countries at different times, we cannot give you the exact date that would be the best. A good idea is to cover your outdoor faucets before the winter temperature starts coming in. You can call up your local hardware store to ask for a better timeframe. Since they are in your time zone and have expertise in this area, you will be in good hands.

What are Outdoor Faucet Covers?

Outdoor faucet covers are a type of plumbing cover that is used to protect outdoor water faucets from being exposed to the elements. They are most often used in gardens, but they can also be used on outdoor spigots for filling up buckets or watering cans.

Final Verdict

So there we are, a few tips and reasons behind why having an outdoor decorative faucet cover in your yard might be a good idea. We hope this clears any doubts you had and makes you start decorating that faucet cover.