Cheap Ways To Make DIY Faucet Cover

Let’s learn how to make a DIY faucet cover. Outd0or faucets are quite useful in many ways. We use outside faucets to clean our exterior, water our personal garden, power wash, and wash our cars. Many people face some critical issues with faucets when we live somewhere freezing cold or somewhere full of greenery.

When you turn on faucets sometimes, the faucets are infested with bugs and crawling creatures. In winter, the faucet freezes and we are unable to use it when we need it. It happens especially in countries where snow.

There are products such as faucet covers available in the market. They come at both cheap and expensive prices. What if we tell you, you can make an outdoor faucet cover with the items you have in your household.  Yes, it is possible and we are going to teach you how to do it.

How To Make a DIY Faucet Cover

We have prepared two ways that you can make Faucet covers. The first one will cost you no money but the second one might cost you a dollar or two if you don’t have the things you need at your home.

Bottle Faucet Cover:

Things you will need:

  • You will need a bottle that looks big yet fitting for your faucet. DO not go for bigger bottles. Think that you need a cozy-size bottle for making the faucet.
  • It is time to find a cloth piece that is capable of keeping you warm. If the cloth piece is capable to keep you warm it will work perfectly. You can use an old scarf which you don’t use anymore because you will be cutting it. You can use a sock, a cut-piece of your sweater, or a hoodie. Anything capable of capturing warmth.
  • Get your handy duct tape.
  • Do the process before the temperature starts to go below negative. This way it will be more effective.

DIY process:

  • After you’re done with choosing the right bottle, cut it from the middle or as much as you need to cover your faucet fully. We suggest using the top half of the bottle as it is narrow and cozy.
  • Take the cloth piece and cut it in a way that you can fit inside the bottle tightly.
  • Wrap the cloth piece in the faucet tightly and cover as much as you can fir in the bottle. To secure it put some duct tape on it. Otherwise, the tucking part will be hard.
  • Put the bottle on the cloth-wrapped faucet and be careful. You don’t want to expose the faucet while pushing the bottle.
  • Keep the bottle cap closed.
  • Attach the bottle tightly to the wall with help of duct tape. Make sure to leave no gaps whatsoever.

After following these steps, you will have a faucet cover that costs absolutely nothing.

Now let’s jump to the next tutorial

Styrofoam faucet cover

  • Styrofoam faucet covers are available for a few bucks. This type of faucet cover works quite well in areas that don’t go below negative. Making this is also cheap if you have Styrofoam laying around your home.

Things you will need:

  • Styrofoam is in the shape of a box. If you don’t have that, use flat Styrofoam, cut it and make a box shape by using strong super -glue.
  • You can skip the cloth but if you use a cloth piece it is more effective.
  • Duct tape

DIY process:

  • If you have a box-shaped Styrofoam, you are ready for the next step. But if you have flat Styrofoam, make it box-shaped which is enough to cover your faucet.
  • Use a cloth to wrap your faucet which is optional in this case. It depends on your country’s temperature drop.
  • Cover the wrapped faucet with the Styrofoam box.
  • Attach it to the wall with duct tape. Make sure to leave no gaps while wrapping the duct tape.

Why frozen faucets are a concern?

When your faucet freezes in winter and starts to melt when the temperature rises, there is a high chance of the faucet bursting. When this happens, the internal pipes that run underneath your walls might burst too. Repairing the damage can cost you a lot.

By covering your faucet, you are eliminating the chances of facing busted pipes and faucets. also, you might need running water from our exterior faucet for some emergency work or gardening. How would you get water from the faucet if it is frozen? A faucet cover will capture the warmth and prevent freezing the faucet.

How do bugs get in outdoor faucets?

Bugs are sneaky little creatures that crawl around. A lot of us are afraid of bugs and insects. When the faucet runs dry that place becomes ideal for bugs to hide or nest. Sometimes, you may see spiders coming out of faucets or cockroaches. Some creatures go in faucets to get hydrated. That is how you may see bugs crawling out of your faucet. A faucet cover will prevent all of this from happening.

How do prevent faucets from freezing?

Turning off the water supply of your outside faucets will prevent frozen faucets. After turning off the water supply empty the faucet and put half of a bottle and tape it to the wall. Dry faucets are ideal for bugs as we have mentioned earlier. Covering the faucets will keep away the bugs from nesting inside the faucet.

Questions You’ve Asked Us on This Topic:

Is my faucet going to freeze entirely in winter?

If you live in a country that gets really cold and goes below negative temperature, it is common for your faucet to freeze. When it comes to the faucet being entirely frozen it depends on how quick and what option you pick to prevent it. Know that prevention is the key. In other words, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Are there electric devices that help with frozen faucets?

There are faucet heaters and other things that can be attached to your faucet which can be helpful for keeping the faucets warm enough so it doesn’t freeze. But what concerns us is the chances of shock circuits and other electrical issues. faucet covers are better because it doesn’t require electricity. There won’t be any extra bills to cover and you’ll sleep peacefully knowing there will be no issues because of electricity.

What causes faucet freezing?

In winter days. It is quite common to see frozen faucets. Countries that go below negative temperature face this issue. The water sits in the faucet and the temperature does its magic to freeze the water in there. When this happens, you can use the faucet until the water inside the faucet is melted. Frozen faucets can cause many problems which we will talk about in a bit but other than that, let’s go through the steps of making a DIY winter faucet cover.

I have a frozen outside faucet. What to do?

Seems like it is too late for you to apply our methods. Do not worry because here we have a tutorial on how to unfreeze an outdoor faucet.

  • If the faucet is an outside faucet, take something that can stay heated even in the freezing cold and apply it to the faucet. Make sure to use a non-electrical device.
  • If the weather isn’t too cold for hot water to turn into ice, take a big bucket of water and keep it underneath the faucet.
  • You can also pour hot water on the faucet to unfreeze, but make sure to be at a safe distance.

These 3 steps will help you to unfreeze your frozen faucet.


In the wonders of the world, winter is loved by many but also hated by many. The snowy days surely freeze your faucets but there are ways we can prevent it. We talked about how to make a cheap homemade spigot cover. Our methods should help you to prevent frozen faucets by cover every winter.