Do Outdoor Faucet Covers Work?

If you are anything like us, you have probably barely heard the term faucet cover and wondered, “do you need a faucet cover?” And “do outdoor faucet covers work?” Well, it firstly depends on whether you have an outdoor faucet and how the temperature fluctuates where you stay. Although not limited to, cold temperature is one of the main reasons behind using a faucet cover.

Besides the temperature factor, there are other reasons to make you want to protect your faucet which we will discuss later in this written piece. For now, we can read what a faucet cover really is. The Faucet cover is usually made of foam to put on the water spigot. The space with air packed inside is intended to insulate the faucet and the water right behind the wall from the outside temperature and surroundings.

do outdoor faucet covers work

Now that you have a brief picture of it, let us get into the article to know more details.

Do Outdoor Faucet Covers Work?

Most covers we know are created as prevention against some sort of risk, be it dust, cold, any damage from impact, or even insects. Take for example a simple phone cover. We use it to protect the phone itself, from scratching on impact and sometimes water damage. A car cover or slipcover for furniture protects the item from all the dust collecting over time. The idea behind this is the famous saying, “prevention is better than cure.”

An open faucet can cause problems and risks worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. So, the point of the faucet protector is to prevent the damage from taking place beforehand. Simple as that. You can find faucet covers in most hardware stores near you. You can also find them in a grocery store sometimes, you can try here first since this is where we mostly visit for our grocery runs. They are only worth a few bucks and there are a few designs to choose from.

As mentioned before, the styrofoam faucet covers the most popular one. So, if you were thinking “do styrofoam faucet covers work” or “Do faucet covers work” you are in the right place since this is the type we are going to be discussing.

For those who are not familiar though, the cover has the shape of a trapezoidal prism with a string loop inside of it. To attach the cover to your outside spigot, you put the loop around the nozzle, push the cover against the wall to close the gap and then pull the drawstring tight to prevent unwanted movement.

So far, there are many recommendations with positive feedback on the faucet cover and how it protects the faucet from a cold night and many other issues. Still, questioning, “Do faucet covers work“? Then you can judge yourself by reading how it works in the next section.

How Do Insulated Faucet Covers Work?

Now if the science behind the mechanism of it makes you curious and have faith, this might just do the trick. When the faucet protector covers are pushed against the wall, it is done to trap the air inside. Since the faucet cover is of insulating material, it prevents the outside cold air from mixing with the inside air.

A good thing to know is the inside air is typically heated by the water pipes coming from the inside of the house and ending at the outdoor faucet.

This insulation method has been used in many cold countries to keep houses warm, so it is not a new method being experimented with. With the practiced technique being used in hundreds of thousands of homes for so long, the answer to your question of  “do insulated faucet covers work” is a yes.

The yes, however, comes with a limit. If you live in an area where there are extreme temperature drops throughout the winter, maybe it is a good idea to rely on extra methods advised by a professional.

Advantages of a Faucet Cover

We have covered the ifs and how but what about the advantages of having a faucet cover?

Protects from Draft: We have already covered how insulation is a big selling point of faucet covers. In winters a major way to keep the inside of the house warm is by making sure that no air from outside is entering. With most houses having the outdoor faucet connected to a garage, a faucet cover can terminate a source of potential cold air from coming in.

Pest Control: It is normal for any living thing to creep into warm areas to survive. Besides the obvious large pipes, another great entrance for these insects is an outdoor faucet. Hence, a faucet cover might save you from an ugly pest infestation.

No Pipe Cracks: Water stored in the pipes during winter can expand when turned into ice and puncture your house pipes. An insulated cover can save you from an extensive repair job.

Childproof: With children, we often childproof everything inside the house. So, why not put as much attention to the outside? Without a tricky faucet cover in the way, a child can turn on the faucet at any time. If this goes unnoticed, the yard can flood and so can the water bill.


Should I cover the outside faucet?

Yes, you should. As mentioned in this written piece, if your outdoor faucet is not being used for a while then it is best to put a faucet cover on it. The cold is just one of the many things to worry about. If a few dollars can help you prevent the repair from costing hundreds, then why not?

How do hose faucet covers work?

A hose faucet cover is the same as a typical faucet cover talked about in this written piece. You can refer back to the written piece where it talks about how the insulation works.

Final Verdict

So, there you have it, a quick brief on how and do faucet cover work. We hope reading this can prevent you from getting frost pipes along with other damages.