Eames Chair Original Vs Replica:[6 Basic Differences]

We’re all familiar with fundamental differences between original and replica products. The two items appear to be the same but have some differences. You won’t notice any significant variation if you look at things in general or extremely closely. But This is because you will have a better understanding if you have previously purchased both genuine and replica items. The Eames chair is not an exception. There are some basic differences between Eames Chair Original Vs Replica. Here they are:

  • Quality
  • Material
  • Packaging
  • Product exchange facilities
  • Price range
  • Color

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After reading this content, you can easily identify which is the original and which is the replica chair. So let’s get started.

How To Identify The Eames Chair Original Vs Replica

There are common things to look for when trying to identify an Eames lounge chair replica Vs an original. It is a fair bit easier in this case because there is less variation between the products. For instance, design and structure may be slightly different but you have to remember that they all come from the same manufacturer. You can easily find them from Alibaba or other online shopping sites. We will describe some common terms that help to identify.

Originals and replicas of chairs have varying levels of quality

The design of the chairs is a bit different. But this does not mean replica items are ugly, they look even more beautiful than original chairs. But the design of the original items has some variations which make them look better than replica products.

The original chair has better comfort than the replica chair. You can work a long time and feel much more comfortable. The footrest and armrests are adjustable. This is not seen in Eames replica items.

Genuine or original items are breathable. So, they are perfect for those who tend to sweat or catch a cold. On the other hand, many replica items use a plastic cover that is not breathable.

They both have exclusive features but the original has some better specialties than replicas. It’s obvious that if you spend a little bit more money then you can get a much better quality product as genuine as possible.

Material differences between original and replica items

The best Eames replica chairs are made of ABS plastic, high-density foam, and do not contain any metal parts which can hurt kids and pets. On the other hand, replica items are made of polyurethane or sometimes from leather. They look very beautiful and pretty comfortable as well, but the metal parts are not safe for kids and pets.

The wheels of the original chairs are made from solid materials. They can easily move from one place to another. While replica items have plastic wheels which are not as good as the original ones.

You may replace or modify any parts of the original chair since they come from well-known companies. On the other hand, replica items are not so strong. The structure of replica items is made from low-quality materials and you can’t do much with them once they break.

Packaging differences between original and replica

Everyone wants their new chair to arrive in good condition without any imperfections. Original or genuine items are always wrapped carefully using bubble wraps and come with an original box. On the other hand, replica chairs are delivered directly from the company without any packing boxes. You will get an invoice within your package which is totally fine, not like replica items.

You will get a warranty card with original products. You can also register your chair to improve the warranty time period. But replica items do not come with any warranty card because they are not registered anywhere which means you cannot restore them if they get damaged.

You can get customer support from the original company. On the other hand, replica companies don’t provide any customer service and it’s very difficult to get their attention.

Product exchange facilities: Free replacement facilities

If you don’t get the items that you ordered then the company will send you another set of items within 24 hours. You can get a 100% refund option if the item is damaged in shipping and cannot be used anymore. Sounds cool, right?

Though it is one kind of a waste of time but fair enough. Unfortunately, we sometimes have a misunderstanding between ourselves and the business. In the meantime, you may get the wrong items but don’t worry you can return them without any hassle. On the other hand, you wouldn’t get those facilities with replica items. So, it is not a good idea.

Price Range between original and replica chair

There are far differences between the original items and replica items. Price range is the key difference in choosing which item is suitable for you.

The original item’s price is 40x that of the replica items. Though replica items are of poor quality, they are affordable to people who have a small budget. You can get good replica items at the price range of $500-$700 by spending around 10 hours or more on an Eames replica chair online shopping website.

Original products are way too expensive and you won’t be able to afford them within a single month’s salary. You can get original items only when you are way too rich or your pocket is very deep. You might like to know that most of the successful people in this world have at least one Eames chair in their office. But they won’t allow anyone else to sit on it.

Color variation between the original and replica items

Among all of them, it is one of the toughest options that you have to understand. The color of the original items is decent and deep. On the other hand, the replica item’s color is not deep but shiny.

Sometimes people are choosing the wrong product with less knowledge about it. The deep color is decent and cool looking. The shiny color is of poor quality and not safe to use. You can’t do anything with the replica items if they get damaged because it’s impossible to restore their originality.

Some replicas are painted poorly made from plastic materials which will be broken within a few days. You may feel like crying out loud since that item has cost more than $700.

The color of original items is not just a color, it’s a real gem with fantastic beauty. We have been using various replica items in our daily life from an Apple replica headphone to an Eames replica chair etc. They are good but you have to always be careful when you are choosing the product for your needs.

Final Word

We often buy replica items due to the low budget. There is also a specific reason, which is to buy less money and use more. You can buy two replica items at the price of such an original chair. It does not get this benefit in the case of the original. But it’s not really a good idea.

However, we have tried to describe the basic difference between the two items to identify them easily. If you are interested to know more, you can read our other blog and if you have any questions, you can comment below the post. Thank You.