How To Keep Chair Mat From Sliding on Hardwood Floors?

A floor made of hardwood and mat might be a good combination or bad. Mats give an additional aesthetic appeal to our homes, but they can sometimes possess hazards. They tend to move around and may result in serious accidents when it’s not controlled.

However, so many people don’t know how to keep chair mats from sliding on hardwood floors. A pretty mat on your floor will give your room a great look, but it is not that good if it keeps slipping out immediately after you step on it.

This happens commonly when it is on a vinyl smooth, slippery floor. This should never be something to worry about anymore since there are so many things that you may buy that help in keeping your floor mat in place. Below are some of the discussed things to shop for and keep your mats where they belong.

How To Keep Chair Mat From Sliding On Hardwood Floors

Rug Grippers:

There are various types of mat grippers that you may get and attach to the corners of the floor mat to give traction and give and keep the rug in its place. Grippers come in various placements and sizes, and they are normally made from silicone material that can easily grip the floor.

To use the grippers, simply remove the backing of the adhesive, then stick your gripper at the bottom of the rug that you wish to secure. After that, remove the film that covers the silicone surface, then presses your rug firmly to the floor.

You can easily get rug grippers at amazon, which is an easy and best way to keep the floor mat in its place.

The sticky squares are attached to the corners of the mat. Suppose you use the suction, air scape through the tiny pore of material on stepping on the mat. This results in adhesive effectiveness, which helps keep the mat in the exact place you want it to be.

In addition to that, they are very thin hence keeping the mat flat on the floor with a low profile helps in avoiding tripping.

Non-Slip Rug Pads:

The non-slip mat pads are very easy to place under the floor rug to keep them in place. You may reduce its size to fit your rug well since there is no precise size. The advantage of mat pas is that you pick it with the rug because they are convenient and easy to get while buying the rug.

It is good to be keen on the type of rug pad you choose. Material is the most important aspect to consider when buying the pads. When you pick the wrong pad, it might destroy the vinyl floor.

You might have come across the cheap pads that have waffle patterns. Such mats are usually made of rubber, and they have chemicals that prevent their backing from being crumbling or even brittle after some time. Sadly, the chemical might stain the vinyl floor permanently.

In addition to that, some pads are sprayed with an adhesive that can damage the vinyl floor when they come to contact.

A felt mat pad or the natural rubber mat pad is the best mat pad for use on the vinyl floor. Such pads can be recycled. Don’t confuse imitation rubber with natural rubber. Imitation rubber damages the floor. Natural rubber is safe for any vinyl floor because it doesn’t have the adhesive that can transfer to the floor.

Double-Sided Carpet Tape:

Attaching the double-sided tape to the floor mat is the simplest way of preventing the floor mat from sliding. This is the most convenient way of keeping the mat in position, especially in a congested area. The tape has a very strong best, a quality adhesive that is residue-free and safe on the hardwood floor.

The best idea for keeping the mat in place is by putti g it in the perimeter and the center of your rug. T comes either in strips or x, and it is as flat as possible.

Loop and Hook Tape or Rug Grippers:

It is efficient and great for holding the chair mat in place. Like the rug grippers, this one is also placed under the rug. It has a hook which you are supposed to adhere to your floor. For a firm holding, press the two parts together.

It is very easy to use since removing the tape and attaching it to the floor. One advantage of hook and loop mat grippers is that they hold much better than the grippers and don’t have the adhesive that may damage the flooring. In addition to that, you can easily pull up the rug.

Non-slip mat:

It is the easiest solution to keep the mat in place because all you have to do is purchase the non-slip rug. With this, there is no need to buy the grippers, pads, hooks, or tapes to hold the rug in place.

This rug comes in various colors and different sizes to fit all your requirements and needs. This type of floor rug can be washed using a machine. Remember always to place it on a clean and dry floor.

The Bottom Line

When you step on your chair mat, it moves might be very disappointing. As well, when the rug moves, it might cause a hazard. This should never be something to worry about anymore since there are so many things that you may buy that help in keeping your floor mat in place. The steps are very simple and convenient, as discussed above.

However, it’s good to consider the type of material before buying the pads or grippers. Some materials have adhesive and may damage the floor when they contact. Remember to place the rug in a clean and dry place. There are also non-slip mats that you can buy and avoid the expenses of purchasing gripers, tapes, pads, and hooks.