Best Small Massage Chairs For Home In 2022

We have all seen small massage chairs at malls and airports and have been engulfed to pay the price for a small period of de-stressing and relaxation. The prices may seem small but tend to build up over time, especially for anyone who truly enjoys this experience and keeps going back for more.

For all the good reasons though! Massages not only relax your tense muscles but are also known to promote blood circulation which in turn improves your health. For anyone with work and responsibilities, massages are an easy and sure path to truly give back to yourself the energy you have lost during the day.

Sure enough, the best way to do all that is at home, and having to go somewhere else to get your peace may sometimes feel like too much work. After all, traveling takes up time and effort, and after work, it just becomes a hassle.

The solution? An at-home massage chair for home! Whether you are looking for lots of features, such as zero gravity, smart scan, SL-track, or focus more on making sure it fits with the aesthetic of your living space, we have got you covered. This written piece covers the top 5 massage chairs of 2022.

It also includes all the features and respective links to get them. Read on and maybe you could just run into the best compact massage chair perfect for you!

How To Purchase The Best Massage Chair for Small Space

When looking for and purchasing the best massage chair for a small space, everyone faces a different experience. The main points to look out for, however, remain the same. Here are a few tips on how you can efficiently get yourself a little massage chair for your home.

Know what you want:

With the numerous features and options to choose from, it is important that you know what you are looking for. Walking into a store or clicking through Amazon without this in mind will only confuse and frustrate you into the possibility of giving up.

Know the terms of the different massage techniques offered in the market, what body parts you want to target, as well as how far back you would want your chair to recline. These may seem like insignificant topics but you do not want to regret your choice only after making the hefty purchase.

Understand the terms:

This relates to the previous tip. There are some terms commonly heard in the market of massage chairs that might be new to you. S-track, L-track, and zero gravity are a few options of the features that you can look into and search up. Once you learn what these common terms mean it will be easy for you to communicate to a seller. You can even make a list of these features that you would like to have in your chair. That way you will go into the market ready and focused.

Buy from trusted sources:

With many online purchases, there is a common scenario we are particularly scared of. Rings a bell? Yup, scams. Be sure to not just type in your card details on any suspicious websites. You can also consider using an electronic money transfer alternative, such as PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App to pay. This way your card will stay safe from ill-intended scammers and it can save you from losing your lifelong savings.

Talk to sellers:

Whether your purchase is online or in-store, you can always walk into a shop and ask about their best sellers or even opinions on the chair you have been eyeing. With years of experience in their pockets, they will know a lot of information that you cannot find online. They have witnessed returns and damages over time which is information crucial for long-term usage of your massage chair.

You can show them the list of features you want in your chair and let them know about the chairs you have liked so far to get feedback or advice on finding a better chair. They can also let you know about when their stores are having sales so you can save a couple of bucks or even hundreds.

Top 5 Best Small Massage Chair for Home Reviews:

If you are in a hurry-up, if you don’t have enough time on your hand, then let’s go and you take a decision to purchase a small chair for your home. Now we will review everything in this article about the small chairs and from here you can decide which one is best for you.

1. Massage Chair, Zero Gravity SL Track Massage Chair

This massage chair was released in October of 2019, weighs 256 pounds, and is made with the size and space in mind to store in a house. This product packs several techniques and features that make buying it better than getting massages at the malls for their prices.

Product Features:

Zero Gravity Feel: With the reclining position of this chair, the user is placed in a way that makes their center of gravity shift to the middle of their body. This shift generally lets the body relax with the heart put at a spot below the user’s legs and the pressure lessened around the spine and other bone joints. The shape of the chair allows the user to sink in, making them feel weightless.

Smart Scan: Imagine a chair that can scan your body and know which parts are tenser to automatically adapt the focal points of the massage and the extent of it. With this feature, it makes this machine more comparable to a real-life masseuse that aims at different body parts depending on the customer.

Surrounded Coverage: This chair covers the user fully which lets them experience a full massage with airbags and their vital body parts such as shoulders, hands, and arms, both upper and lower back calves, and legs. It also saves up on space with the SL track, making this perfect for at-home massages.

Different Techniques: The chair uses multiple techniques to ensure that the customer gets the best of the best. These techniques include kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu, tapping, and much more. The chair in contact with the lower back heats up to 45℃ to give an elevated experience.

Twelve Month Warranty: The company wants what is best for its customers. So, they offer a warranty for twelve months in case of any problems occurring. All the customer needs to do is to keep the package that the chair comes in. Their customer service is also set to answer any concerns within 12 hours.

Why do we recommend this product?


  • SL track and preset modes make it easy for home use without the need for help from a professional.


  • None on record.

2. Real Relax Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage

This massage chair was released in February of 2017 and weighs 219 pounds. All the features available on this chair come together to give the customer a calm environment that can free them of their worries and leave their bodies relaxed.

Product Features:

Zero Gravity: A simple push of a button will activate the chair to rotate and make the customer lie in a comfortable position where they will not feel the weight of their own body. This rotation is calculated by the engineers.

Large Range: The chair is made to cover the crucial massage points of the body and uses different techniques for each. The body parts massaged here are the neck, shoulders, lower back, buttock, back of legs, and feet.

Different Techniques: With different techniques used, the customer can experience a massage similar to that of a professional masseuse. From rollers to airbags and focal heating, this has got the potential to satisfy a customer. With 6 preset massage modes, it also comes with the option to customize what exact areas you want to massage, how high or low you want the back of the chair along with the technique, and 3 levels of velocity and power.

Easy Assembly: The product has to be taken out of two separate boxes and then assembled. Real Relax pretty much tells that you can put a timer on for thirty minutes while you set it up, it is just that easy and quick.

Dimensions and Others: The chair at most goes up to 6 feet 1 inch, with the maximum weight stated as 400 pounds. It is highly advised to check the sizes online before you get it intended for your space at home. A Bluetooth function here allows wire-free audio play and additional LED lights.

Why do we recommend this product?


  • Competitive product in the market compared to other chairs in the price range of three to five thousand.


  • Poor customer service according to reviews.

3.RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II Plus] Full Body Massage Chair

The relaxonchair MK-ii plus Chair was initially released in September of 2015 and weighs around 183 pounds. Along with a computerized scan, this offers many features desired in an at-home massage chair.

Product Features:

Zero Gravity: The same science seen in the first product can be seen here again. The feet of the customer are lifted to a level that equates to the heart. This reduces the pressure of weight that falls on the vertebra and aids back pain. The added texture of the chair, with its high level of grained synthetic leather, makes it even more comfortable for the customer.

L-Track and Large Range: The special L-track allows the rollers in the chair to slide from the very top to below the seat which again enhances the full body massage experience for the customer.

Body Scan: With technology to scan the body using a sensor, the massage chair can automatically adapt to where the massage focal points should be. This allows the user to have a personalized message according to their needs.

Different Techniques: The chair comes with four preset massage options with techniques such as rolling, kneading, tapping, and airbag. There is a smart set of less than usual pressure in the arm and calf areas. Customer can customize their massage with a change of focal massage points and combos of the mentioned techniques, there are also three settings for velocity and strength of airbag to choose from.

position: A spinal decompression method slowly pulls the back muscles along with legs while keeping the user in a stable position. This method is followed by the squeezing of the buttock and waist so that everything is straightly aligned. Together, they help the spine, as the name suggests, and give the customer aid with pain in that area. There are also heating pads that aid lower back pain.

Why do we recommend this product?


  • Great value for the price.


  • Loud beeps when selecting the massage mode.

4. Neuhaus Classic Massage Chair With Ottoman

This luxurious, award-winning massage chair was first available in June of 2020, making it the most recently released chair so far on the list, which weighs around 250 pounds. Winning the Red Dot award, this chair has gained the reputation of being an aesthetic statement piece that functions great as a massage chair using technology.

Product Features:

Body-Hugging Design: The curvature of this massage chair gives the user a comfortable seat where they are hugged to relieve stress.

Different Techniques: Additional to the preset full neck to thigh massage, this comes with customizable options that target specific areas of the body. With the four rollers, this chair can knead the tense muscles with ease. The velocity and motion of these powerful rollers can be adjusted and airbags can be switched to massage where you sit.

Ottoman and Chair Rotation: The chair comes with an equally fashionable ottoman that will elevate your living space immediately. The chair itself reclines at a 15° angle and together with the ottoman, the set is bound to look fabulous in your living space.

Easy Assembly and 1 Year Warranty: Neuhaus claims you can unpack this in 10 minutes, following their instruction manual to set it up. The product also comes with a trial option for 30 days, which when you decide on having it comes with a 1-year warranty.

Why do we recommend this product?


  • It is easy to move and has great aesthetic appeal.


  • Poor customer service.

5. RELAXONCHAIR [MK-Classic] Full Body Zero Gravity  Chair

Having a second chair from this brand in this list only shows how well they are known for this line of products. The RelaxOnChair MK-Classic was first available in April of 2018. This chair weighs around 218 pounds and is made of faux leather and has a leather finish. A huge plus with this is that the chair is shipped already assembled.

Product Features:

Smart Body Scan and L-Track: With its smart scan, this chair can automatically scan for which body parts need to be targeted for a more focal massage. The well-known L-track feature is also available here, in fact, this chair has the lengthiest known L-track in the market, which is from under the skull to your bottom.

It can accommodate anyone with a height being 5 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 5 inches, with flexible shoulder airbags and an extendable footrest, both of which can be moved according to height.

Zero Gravity: A popular feature so far in this list, but this chair takes it even further with its 3 zero gravity positions, in addition to its 115° to 160° reclines.

Different Techniques: The chair comes with 7 different preset options with a customizable one where you can choose the target areas, techniques, and 3 levels of velocity and strength of the air pressure. The impressive number of 42 airbags does not fail to de-stress the customer, especially with each of them being heated. Everything from the shoulders to the hands and feet can be reached and massaged with this chair.

Back-Lit Remote Control: You can even enjoy massages in the dark with the back-lit remote control. Set a timer for 30 minutes and relax your way into an afternoon nap. Everyone knows how great it feels to fall asleep during a massage. With a timer, you do not even need to think about electricity.

There is also a sleep mode where the chair will not change its position when it is finished with the massage, this way your nap stays uninterrupted.

3 Year Warranty and Price Assurance: The RelaxOnChair MK-Classic chair comes with a 3-year warranty. RelaxOnChair is known to have a good history with its products. Being immediate manufacturers of this product, they save money on production which reflects in their selling prices and impeccable quality.

Why do we recommend this product?


  • Great value for the quality and various features it has to offer. Pre-assembled.


  • None on record.


What techniques are to be expected in massage chairs?

There are many techniques used in massage chairs and it depends on the brand and chair, and which ones they offer. The popular techniques are tapping, rolling, kneading, shiatsu, vibration, and compression of an airbag.

How portable are massage chairs?

Depends on the model and what it has to offer. In this list, for example, the Neuhaus Classic Massage Chair has wheels underneath. Wheels are a great and easy way to shift such a heavy chair when you are not sure about the placement.

Are S-track and L-track important?

While massages, in general, feel great, it gets even better when the chair targets your entire body. With S-track, it is made sure that the curve of your spine is kept in mind when the back is targeted. Almost similar, L-track makes sure that the above and below sections of the spine, such as below the skull, hips, and glutes get the same attention. It acts as an extension to the S-track. To every customer, whether these are important or not varies. Although both are great features.

What do heated airbags do?

An added factor of heat to the already relaxing massage elates the experience. With a heated massage, you can achieve better blood circulation and eliminate the stored toxins. They also give you better flexibility of muscles to reduce the stiffness causing pain over time. Issues in the deep tissue and even arthritis are known to be treated with heat therapies.

Is Isa’s smart body scan beneficial?

Going to a professional means they ask you where your muscles feel tenser and where you experience more pain. With a scan, you can compare it to just that. The scan detects what is best for your body and identifies the areas to focus more on, along with understanding your body shape. This personalized option is thought to be better than going with the chair presets by many since the experience becomes custom accordingly.

Isn’t using the massage chair at malls cheaper?

This depends on you and how often you crave a relaxing massage. If it is a few times a year, then getting a massage chair for your home is not ideal. However, if you are going to the mall now and then, it is heavier on your pocket than purchasing an outdoor massage chair for your home. You can find chairs at various price points and choose one that best suits both you and your pocket.

Final Verdict

We all seek comfort in various forms. Exhaustion can be both mental and physical, and we need to take care of our bodies and mind to stay healthy and sane in this fast-paced world. While sometimes a small snack is enough to energize you to get back to work, other times your body requires a deeper method to relax those tense muscles. When in this state, it is easy to crave the best massage in your very own best small massage chair at home, where you are free of all those outside eyes and on your terms.

Rejuvenating during your break will benefit your workability and focus afterward. The fresh body and mind together get you back on track without the feeling of tiredness and stiffness. Imagine going to work every day as if it is your first week, for most of us those first few weeks are when we are in the best shape and mental state to be working in.

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