6 Best Trimmer Rack For Open Trailer of 2022

If you work in the Lawnmower Company and desire to move your trimmer from one contract site to another site location, there may be difficulty transporting the equipment. However, transporting a trimmer on a utility trailer can damage your trimmer or even your trailer.

In this case, trimmer racks will be valuable equipment for you. The trimmer rack offers a safe and reliable way to transport your trimmer. In addition to protecting your cutting machines from damage, weed eater racks keep them organized. But you need to invest in the best trimmer rack for open trailer because a poor quality trimmer rack can cause more problems than it deserves.

For example, poorly made racks can collapse or slide off the trailer. To help you choose the ideal tool carrier for a versatile trailer, we have made a list of the best trimmer racks.

Top 6 Best Trimmer Rack For Open Trailer Reviews

Please explore the exclusive reviews section below to find the best trimmer rack for the open trailer.

  • Buyers LT10, 3-Trimmer Truck, and Trailer Locking rack
  • Trailer Racks Xtreme Pro Series 4-Position Trimmer Rack
  • Pack’emLockable 3-Place Locking Trimmer Rack 
  • Tiewards2-Place Lockable Trimmer Landscape Trailer Rack
  • Mountain peaks Trimmer Rack For Enclosed Trailer 
  • Vikofan3 Place Lockable Weed Eater Trimmer Rack

Several options are available if you are searching for a weed eater rack for your open trailer. It can be challenging to decide which shelves are best for your trailer. Check out our selection based on researching all six trimmer shelves below.

1. Buyers LT10, 3-Trimmer Truck, and Trailer Locking rack

Buyers LT10 3-Trimmer Landscape Truck & Trailer

The Buyers LT10 3 weed eater rack for trucks is a great way to transport and store your cutting machines. This lockable rack can hold up to 3weed eaters, securing them in place when parked or while driving. It is pre-packed with vinyl-coated hooks designed to be durable.

The stainless steel springs are durable, guaranteeing the best performance over time. The design of this product allows for one-handed operation, so you can quickly load and unload the weed eater without the help of another person. Mounting hardware is included, allowing for the most straightforward installation possible.

This tool carrier can be mounted on any best trimmer rack for an enclosed trailer and hold up to 3 weed eaters. This allows you to take your gear wherever you go. The lock feature also protects your equipment. It easily attaches to any utility trailer and holds your weed eater away from the wall, so they don’t bump or rub against each other while on the go.

This best trimmer rack for the enclosed trailer is easy to install with an enclosed design, and the steel construction ensures the product will last for years. Its black finish is suitable for matching any truck. Vinyl-coated hooks protect the mower from scratches, while included mounting hardware ensures it’s easy to lift and use.

It is a very well made product. The material is solid and durable and looks great. It is an ideal product to keep your tools organized and close at hand while you work. This item weighs 14.95 pounds and measures 8.88 x 3.13 x 3.13 inches. You may find it convenient to purchase this truck weed eater rack for your trailer with all the benefits.

Important Features:

  • Accommodates up to 3 trimmers for easy transport of equipment
  • Lockable for safe transport of your weed eater
  • Fits on an enclosed trailer
  • Easy-to-assemble design makes installation quick and easy
  • Includes vinyl-coated hooks for scratch protection
  • Steel construction ensures durability


  • Works with dozens of weed eater brands.
  • Weed eaters are easy to attach and offload.
  • Durable construction.


  • Some assembly is required.

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2. Trailer Racks Xtreme Pro Series 4-Position Trimmer Rack

Trailer Racks Xtreme Pro Series 4-Position Trimmer Rack

The biggest attraction of this model is that it works for both open and closed trailers. Overall, it works very well for both instances. Due to their unique design, it solves many of the problems that arise when transporting weed eaters on trailers, including shifts.

The other strong point is its combined locking system. See, with this feature, you will quickly lock/unlock all weed eaters at once (all positions open/lock together)!

According to the manufacturer, this is the most advanced unit on the market, and we are tempted to agree. Everything is perfectly made and well-designed, including the handy motor mounting kit made from extruded aircraft-grade aluminum to prevent breakage during assembly.

Also, there is galvanized rust protection around the shelf. In short, it’s worth every penny. The 4-position mount comes complete with the motor mounting kits listed above, their mounts, locking, and mounting hardware.

Important Features:

  • All points unlock/lock together, straightforward one-lock design
  • The finisher does not rotate in the basket.
  • Eliminates shaft wear, excess, engine clogging, fuel leaks, and theft
  • Shelf height: 51 1/8″


  • Versatile: Works on all makes and models of trailers.
  • Maximum safety for your weed eater.
  • Truly eliminates vibration.


  • Instructions are a bit lacking.

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3.Pack’emLockable 3-Place Locking Trimmer Rack (For Open Trailers)

Lockable 3 Place Trimmer Rack for Open Trailers

Transporting your weed eater will be easy with this trimmer tool rack for open utility trailers. It is easiest to install on the trailer rails; it does not require welding (screws on the top and bottom side rails).

The important thing is that it is solid and secure enough; when assembled, it comes with 3 lbs. trimmer line support with memory foam pads (on hooks) to prevent rotation. It’s also one of the simplest to operate – place the weed eater on hooks horizontally, bend the latch, and secure the latch in place.

Durability isn’t an issue either, thanks to the steel frame and textured grey/black paint finish. It fits almost all conventional shaft mowers.

Important Features:

  • Easy to use and easy to install
  • Made of durable steel with gray/black textured paint
  • Trimmer rack hooks are fitted with memory foam pads to prevent the weed eater from spinning
  • Screws on the upper and lower side rails of the trailer
  • Includes support for 3lb finish line


  • Excellent quality control at all times.
  • It works like a thousand miracles.
  • Easy access to the weed eater.


  • Not much to fault about the tool.

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4.Tiewards2-Place Lockable Trimmer Landscape Trailer Rack

2 Place Lockable Trimmer Landscape Trailer Rack Fit for Landscape Trailers Racks

This brand is a household name among trailer and truck operators. Tiewards trimmer weighs 13.1lbs and is designed to work with landscape vehicles. As you would expect from heavy use with trailers and trucks, this trimmer rack is designed to be sturdy and made of durable steel.

The steel is also coated to make it rust-resistant. What you have is a solid, sturdy, and durable trimmer rack that can keep you in good working order for a long time.

Tiewards not only make your products strong and durable. This trimmer rack is also designed to be efficient and easy to use. The mechanism involved in connecting this mower is to attach it to the top rail of a garden trailer.

They are secure enough with memory foam swabs to avoid rotation. This is a compact option, as far as the trimmer is concerned, and usually comes with two locks to secure it in place and deter thieves.

Important Features:

  • Metal frame support with 2-place locking frame, suitable for open landscape trailer frames and most straight axle cultivators
  • Made of durable steel, with a hammered gray finish and black powder coating, it prevents rust
  • Memory foam pads on clipper hooks help prevent rotation.
  • Easy to install. Screwed to the top rail of the trailer, the perforated base easily attaches to the side rail of the open trailer.
  • Hardware included. It comes with two free padlocks


  • Extremely robust and rust-resistant
  • Easy to use and connect
  • Works with straight shafted trimmers and pole edges


  • Quite heavy to carry

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5. Mountain peaks Trimmer Rack For Enclosed Trailer Racks Landscape

Mountainpeak Trimmer Rack for Enclosed Trailers Landscape Weed Eater Rack

The mountain peaks trimmer rack is perfect for safely storing weed eaters in an open trailer. It is made of high-quality steel and is designed to fit most open trailers. This weed eater rack is also lockable, meaning those who eat grass will be safe on the go.

The black exterior handling guarantees that your trimmer rack will certainly not oxidize, no matter the environment you keep it in. It’s a helpful tool for any landscaper or homeowner who needs to transport their weed eater. You can use this tool to safely store and transport weed eaters, brush cutters, hedge trimmers, and engines.

It can contain up to three trimmers. It’s an ideal option for persons who regularly transport their weed eaters and makes loading and unloading so much easier. Not only does it keep weed eaters organized and safe, but the memory foam liner also protects weed eaters from scratches or damage.

The lock folds over the trimmer and locks it in place with the included lock, so you can be sure the trimmer will be safe when not in use.

The frame can be easily mounted on a utility trailer. This weed eater holder for the trailer is a great way to keep your weed eaters organized and within easy reach. This product is an ideal equipment defender. So if you need a weed eater rack for a utility trailer with a locking mechanism, this tool is for you.

Important Features:

  • Sturdy structure in black-painted steel
  • Supports up to 3 trimmers
  • Latches hold weed eater securely in place
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Quick and easy loading/unloading


  • Quick and easy installation method
  • Numerous safety and security measures
  • No loose components will be found
  • Eliminates shaft wear


  • Expensive

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6.Vikofan3 Place Lockable Weed Eater Trimmer Rack

vikofan 3 Place Lockable Weedeater Trimmer Rack

This Vikofan 3 place lockable weed eater trimmer rack is perfect for anyone who wants to transport their weed eaters in an enclosed trailer. It can carry up to three trimmers, and the locking system keeps them securely in place. It’s a great option if you’re on the go, and loading and unloading your gear is quick and easy.

This enclosed trailer rack can be used with most straight axle trimmers and pole edges, brush cutters, or hedge trimmers. It can be effortlessly folded up and locked into position with the included lock, so you can be sure your trimmer will be safe.

With durable steel construction, they should last a long time. The black coating prevents oxidation and increases product life. The package contains one pair of horizontal shelves with all mounting hardware and lock. The weight of the tool carrier is 18.41lbs, which means you can easily attach it to the truck bed.

The weed eater measures 47.4 x 7 x 5.25-inches in terms of dimensions. So if you are looking for high-quality shelving that is safe and easy to use, consider these weed eater garden shelving.

Important Features:

  • Store and transport trimmers, pole edges, hedge trimmers, and brush cutters safely.
  • 3-place trimmer rack (trimmer not included) for mounting on open trailers.
  • The Advanced trimmer rack is constructed of a durable steel frame with a rust-resistant gray powder coat finish.
  • Spacious and easy to install, fits most straight shaft mowers.
  • Capacity: 3 timmers.


  • Manufactured to be highly durable and rust-resistant
  • The design makes it straightforward to use and install
  • Holds up to 3 trimmers safely


  • Quite costly

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Factors To Consider When Choosing Trimmer Rack For Open And Closed Trailers

Choosing the best weed eater racks for trailer or enclosed trailer racks for weed eaters should be a serious consideration for those who own a lawnmower business that requires transporting lawnmowers.

There are certain things to note when selecting a trimmer tool rack for open trailers. These factors will help you select the suitable tool carrier for your utility trailers. These factors are:


The material from which the trimmer rack is made is an essential factor that should not be overlooked. Choose open shelving for utility trailers made of superior materials like aluminum or steel. This will guarantee without a doubt that your trimmer rack will stay for a long time.


If the trimmer holder you purchase isn’t strong enough to hold the trimmer, it won’t work as expected. Please ensure that the weight capacity of the trimmer is compatible with the product before purchasing. In general, more robust shelves are better because they can hold more weight without breaking or bending.

Locking Mechanism:

Another essential factor to consider is the locking mechanism. A suitable locking mechanism will prevent your weed eater from falling off on open utility trailers during transport. This prevents damage to the weed eater and ensures safe transport.

Ease Of Use:

Ease of use is another essential factor that should not be brushed aside. Try to pick the best trimmer rack for an open trailer that is easy to set up and carry your tools with you. A fast and straightforward loading procedure will save you time and effort.


The weed eater rack should also be easy to adjust. Purchase a trimmer rack for your open utility trailers with adjustable arms to ensure a perfect fit while considering the size of your trimmers.


Be sure to choose a weed eater rack compatible with your trimmer and the type of trailer you are using. Most trimmers racks can accommodate a wide range of trimmers from all brands. However, it would be best to determine compatibility in advance to avoid the frustration of having an incompatible product.

Rust resistant:

Rust is a natural adversary of metal. Therefore, the trimmer you choose should be able to protect your tools from rust. A good choice would come with a powder coat or some other rustproof treatment, which ensures long life in most climates.

Memory Foam Pillow:

When transporting weed eaters with utility trailers, choosing a weed eater rack with a memory foam cushion is essential. The bearings ensure that the trimmer does not move or collide with each other or the carriage, protecting the tools and the carriage from damage.

Carrying Capacity:

It’s essential to consider how many weed eaters a trimmer rack can handle at intervals, particularly for those with a gardening business or who mow your lawn and need storage capacity for more than one weed eater.

Most trimmers have a storage limit of 3 trimmers, giving you the flexibility to bring more trimmers to the job site or even other necessary tools such as hedge trimmers or brush cutters.

Spring-Loaded Clamps:

The spring-loaded design of a weed eater rack is a feature that allows for effortless storage, ensuring your trimmers are safe during transport. If you’re a professional landscaper or gardener, it’s also essential to choose a model with heavy-duty stainless steel springs that will stand up to repeated daily use.


Before buying your weed eater rack, make sure it is lockable and secured with a padlock. This is an important security feature, especially during transport, which will prevent your valuable trimmer from being stolen. Some weed eater racks come with locks that eliminate the headache of buying locks.

Wall Mountable:

If you don’t intend to use the weed eater in your truck or trailer and want to install it in your garage or shed, make sure the model you choose is also designed to be fixed to the wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are specific questions that people often ask about weed eater racks. Here are some of those questions and their answers:

What Is A Weed Eater Rack?

A weed eater rack is essential for any lawn mower or homeowner. They allow you to store and transport your mowers safely when moving from one job site to another. However, obtaining a good one can be easier said than done, with many different designs and types available.

How far apart should a weed eater be mounted?

It is essential to make sure that you install the trimmer racks far enough for the trimmer to fit. In general, the distance should be about 28 to 34 inches per rack.

Which side of the trailer should you place the trimmer racks on?

Weed eater racks should be placed to the side of the trailer for easy access. This avoids any inconvenience when loading or removing the trimmers from the shelves, making these shelves easily accessible. In general, most people place the rack on the right side of the trailers.

How do you connect the trimmer racks?

The weed eater racks should be secured using tie rods and eyebolts supplied with the stand. Then you can secure them securely with a ratchet strap for added security and protection.

How many trimmers fit on any trimmer rack?

There is no standard answer, as it varies from rack to rack. However, most weed eater racks can accommodate 2-3 trimmer units.

Does this work with my Model X trimmer/trailer?

All weed eater assemblies are designed to work with a wide variety of models, as long as the correct size of the tree is followed. Upon purchase, this can be checked to ensure that the trimmer racks fit perfectly.

Should I weld or use a welding tool?

All trimmer racks use mounting screws, so no welding is required. Just ensure you possess the right screw size, and you should be able to insert them easily.

Do I have to drill holes in my trimmer to install a rack?

Not always. U-clamps are a much better option, but you may need to drill holes if you don’t have the right accessories.


Weed Eater racks are a great addition to any professional landscaper or lawnmower and will provide them with the ultimate tool for storing weeds. There are different options available, and it is essential to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Weedeater racks are essential to consider when buying a utility trailer. You should carefully select the best open trailer weed eater structures based on your needs and preferences to ensure the best results.

All the products listed above are of high quality and guarantee customer satisfaction. This makes them excellent choices. We hope that the details in this article will help you make an informed decision.